Year round destinations in Greece

Most people visit Greece in the summer months. The number of tourists is huge in that time of year and in their vast majorities, travelers flock the islands. The largest part of Greece though is inland. Mountains cover most of the country, hiding quaint little villages with cobblestone alleys, amazing comfort food and lovely guesthouses. Some of the coolest hotels are actually inland, not on the islands and it’s actually easier and cheaper for families to travel inland than by ferry. In Autumn, families can go hiking and foraging. Spring is time to canoe or do some easy rafting in amazing rivers. In the Summer, there are so many trails to explore. And in the Winter, snow covers the mountain peaks, kids can learn to ski in easy pistes across the 20+ ski resorts of the country. Greece might be better known for its islands, but it’s inland that is alive and thriving 12 months per year!




Karpenissi is closer to Athens and ideal even for a long weekend. It has everything: the food is amazing, the villages are quaint, there are plenty memorable hiking trails, cute chapels, white winters, red Autumns, green summers. And one of the most family friendly guesthouses in Greece Ninemia Stay & Play with so much for kids to do that one article is not enough. I know parents who love it so much they go twice a year – they know!
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We love the mountains of Greece in the winter. Cozy taverns, amazing food to warm the soul, easy hikes, car free villages… This is what Mainalo mountain is all about! Gileri eco & design residences has made sure you have a lovely time with your kids even when you’re not out exploring. It’s ideal for cozy family days inside, next to the fireplace, reading kids books and playing with all the toys that are provided in every residence.





A typical summer destination for most, Laconia is actually a year round surprise. It’s so green from Autumn to Spring that you won’t believe it’s the same place. Summer is of course perfect for water sports, but if you want to really and easily explore the remote villages, historic castles and the hiking trails, you should come any other season.
We recommend Hotel Pandora and Arapakis Historic Castle for your stay in the Mani area. With spacious, fully equipped apartments, a playground, breakfast, a great concierge and kids books provided by Family Hotels Greece, it’s the ideal stay for families. What’s more, Arapakis Castle is probably the only historic Maniot castle that is not adults only!

And in the heart of Taygetos mountain, the top of the Peloponesse, you’ll find amazing trails and great views. If you’re into hiking, the best place to stay for kids is definitely Ilaeira Mountain Resort, as it features a swimming pool and kids pool, to cool off after hiking, playground, restaurants and toys, so that you don’t have to move if you don’t want to!





Another typical summer destination, since it’s so far south and its beaches are just lovely. However, Messinia is blessed with an amazing flora and mild winters, which make it ideal year round. Chamaloni Guesthouses are open 24 months a year, offering proximity to said beaches in the summer and lots to do all year long; from cooking classes and farm to table experiences, yoga, pilates and tai chi, to a lovely playground, kids bikes and karts, toys and kids books.
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Zagori mountain is in the north west, in Epirus. The area is call Zagorochoria, which literally means “villages of Zagori” and they are all stunning! Zagorochoria is perfect for a summer getaway, as most activities are organized then. Spring is better for rafting, Autumn for horse riding and Winter for snow covered alleys and amazing food. We recommend the luxurious and eco-friendly Aristi Mountain Resort in Aristi village for your stay with kids. It’s the perfect spot to explore Zagori with your family from.



Athens – Thessaloniki

On your way to the islands, you’ll probably land in Athens. On your way to Halkidiki and its stunning beaches, you’ll probably arrive to Thessaloniki. Don’t skip the largest cities in Greece while exploring the coastline. They are stunning, with lots for kids and amazing food that adults will appreciate.
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