Worldschooling in Ancient Peloponnese

With mild winters & long summers, monuments that span within over 2600 years and a close proximity to Athens, the Peloponnese region in Greece is definitely one of the most ideal for long term visits.


Why digital nomads love the Peloponnese

  • Its location. It’s close to Athens and the Athens airport, but Kalamata International Airport is also a good idea. Also, there are many large cities here, with hospitals, clinics, shopping centers and great markets. It’s also close to Crete by ship and close to mainland Greece (Sterea Ellada region) with its mountains and quaint villages. Being in the center of the country is a real perk!
  • The weather. Southern Peloponnese and the coast see mild winters and warm summers. The mountains usually see tons of snow in the winter.
  • The islands. It’s easy to visit some of the coolest greek islands while living here. Spetses, Hydra, and Elafonissos are a short ferry ride off the coast, Methana and Poros are accessible by car, Zante and Kythera are less than 2 hours by boat.
  • The ancient stuff. Peloponnese is famous for its great amount of ancient monuments, more than anywhere else in Greece. Ancient Olympia is where the Olympics started; Epidavrus theater is where theater started. Mycenae and Ancient Corinth are well preserved castles and palaces.
  • The medieval stuff. While the rest of Greece was occupied by the Turks during that time, parts of the Peloponnese were free and the greek civilization kept on going strong. Monemvasia is a quaint mediaval city-fortress and a great place to stroll around cobblestone alleys. Mystras is an amazing medieval castle. Both not to be missed.
  • The new stuff. The wi-fi connection is top, there’s technical support available and shops with everything you might need while working here.



Why it’s a great idea to homeschool here

Wherever you are, you’re close to nature. Some of the best and most kid friendly beaches of Greece are here, as well as a number of car-free towns and villages. There’s mountain hiking and foraging, there’s skiing, there’s ancient monument hopping, there are farms, there are lakes, there’s petting zoos and so much to see and learn besides the school books!





Worldschooling Communities

The eumelia farm community

Eumelia is an agrotourism farm that actually focuses on long stays, year round! Its 5 ec0-houses are ideal for traveling families: they’re elegant and spacious, with all the necessary infrastructure to work, play, eat and sleep.
What we love about eumelia is the luxurious amenities in combination with the access to a real life working farm, which provides the kitchen with almost everything needed for both the family that owns the estate and lives here, as well as their guests.
Traveling families can participate in the sustainability workshops that take place here, learn about olive oil production, learn to separate their waste, eat clean vegetarian meals and spend some of their time traveling around the world, with a minimal carbon footprint. Kids have the whole estate to play and explore, discover ancient olive trees, learn about the herbs and bushes, shovel and forage, run around in a safe environment and incorporate their experience close to nature to their learning/schooling experience.
Last but bot least, its location in the southern Peloponnese makes it ideal to visit Elafonissos, Mani, Monemvasia, Kyparissi, Leonidio and Kosmas, ancient Sparta and Messinia. But if you stay longer, we really recommend you pay a visit to the picturesque mountain villages in Kalavrita, Dimitsana and Trikala.

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Work-a-holiday at Daphne’s

Digital nomads have been coming here for years from all over the world. The great prices, the spacious, fully equipped apartments, the proximity to the beach, the forest and the mountain make it an ideal destination to work and have a holiday at the same time. Daphne’s is mostly known for its family friendliness and its ability to provide fun and comfort to families with kids of all ages, from infants to teens. There’s a library with books for all ages in more than 4 languages. There’s a cozy play area with many toys and games. There’s a playground. Bicycles for free for everyone. Musical instruments. Space in and out to work, play or just hang out. There’s of course a restaurant offering amazing vegetarian meals all day long.
Worldschooling families will find here the perfect balance between their digital working life, homeschooling their kids and exploring/relaxing. Kids can be left with the pefagogue while parents are working or otherwise engaged; parents can start their day with a run or a family bike ride in the forest or in the summer, a swim in the sea; afternoons after work can be spent on the beach or in the playground or in the lounge area.
But weekends are for exploring. Daphne’s is located in Corinth, just an hour from Athens and in close proximity to Epidaurus theater, Kalavrita village, Trikala village and Dimitsana village. There are also ski resorts in the area, even though Daphne’s proximity location on the beach keeps the snow away. One ot the cutest cities of Greece, Nafplio, is almost an hour from here. The islands of Spetses and Hydra may be better to visit if you have more than 2 days free, but Methana and Poros islands are perfect weekend getaways. So much to see and do around here. See more about Corinth with kids.

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