Winter in Greece: where to stay, how to travel and for how long

Many families are looking into visiting Greece in the winter or spending a couple of months traveling around the country during low season. This article is designed to help you navigate through your long stay accommodation options, winter hotels and itineraries for a perfect family experience!


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Greece is a small country in South-Eastern Europe, the peninsula of the Balkans in the Mediterranean. Winter is mild in Southern Greece and harsh in the North and in the mountains, which are plenty. The islands hardly ever see any snow, but it gets cold and really windy in the winter. Although the vast majority of the islands are inhabited during the Winter, tourism halts. Most hotels, restaurants, car rentals and shops close during low season on the islands and most inland seaside towns, too. It might be cheaper to fly there in low season, but make sure you find accommodation before you book your flights.
There’s however a lot more to Greece besides the islands and the sea. There are towns and villages and cities and mountains, as well as a lot to do. There are destinations that are bustling year round, really well-hidden gems that only locals know about.

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How to travel

The safest itininerary is definitely one that doesn’t include any islands. Greece is a magnificent country to explore by car, with cute villages, Unesco sites, well preserved ancient monuments and an amazing food scene. There’s also a lot to do with kids, from nature reserves and animal sanctuaries, to sports in the rivers and lakes, nature-themed parks and lots of culture in Athens.
We recommend you land in Athens or Thessaloniki, explore the towns by metro or bus or foot and then rent a car to get to the countryside. Another great option is to land at Kalamata International Airport and rent a car to explore the Peloponnese and further North.




There are several routes you can take and it mostly depends on how long you’re traveling for and how far you’re willing to go.
Here are a few ideas to get you started and put you in the mood, all tailored to suit the needs of families:


Village hopping in Greece: the coziest winter itinerary

Mani Greece With Kids

Family Road Trip in Central Greece

A 3 weeks autumn-winter family itinerary in Greece




Where to stay

Ιt depends how long you’re here for.

If you’re briefly visiting and traveling through the country, see our recommendations for Athens and Thessaloniki first.

These are our favorite mountain guesthouses for a winter to remember.

If you’ll be landing at Kalamata airport, see where you can explore from here.




Digital Nomads traveling with kids in Greece

We recommend choosing the Peloponnese as your base, especially if you’re looking to stay by the sea:

Digital Nomads with kids? Stay by the beach in Greece



I hope this article helps you plan your winter getaway to Greece! If you need any help planning, do not hesitate to contact me 🙂




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