Why Visit Greece in Winter, Spring and Autumn

Greece has been so connected to summer holidays, beautiful beaches and warm sunny days that there’s still people who think that it never gets cold here, it never snows, there’s no such thing as “Winter” in Greece.
There are actually 4 seasons in Greece, although the islands and southern Greece mainly see two: warm Summer, hot Summer and Autumn. The past few years, due to the climate change, these parts of Greece have seen snow and tons of rain.
The rest of the country though, mainland, central and northern Greeece witness 4 distinctly separate seasons, with heavy snow during winter. There are 24 fully functioning ski resorts in Greece, with 2 of them being very close to Athens.
Greeks travel their country 365 days a year, there’s so much to explore and so many different landscapes, that there’s always something for everyone. There are destinations with mild Winter, who are flocked from May till October, but see less crowds the rest of the year and hence are ideal to discover in Winter time. And of course there are winter cabins in the woods, next to rivers and close to ski resorts, where “quaint” takes a whole new meaning.


“Summer” destinations without the crowds


Laconia & Messinia, Southern Peloponnese

Laconia and nearby Messinia are twi of those destinations with mild Winters, where there’s so much to see that hotels remain open all year long. With fireplaces to keep everyone cozy and warm, amazing food and medieval towns, ancient sites, Taygetos mountain and historic villages close by, there’s an abundance of things to do in and out of the hotel. See more about Laconia with kids and Messinia with kids.


Where to stay

Eumelia Organic Agritourism Farm

One of very few farm stays in Greece, eumelia is a sustainable organic farm with 5 eco-houses that have recently aqcuired their own brand new energy efficient wood fireplaces! The perfect inside-outside living is therefore now complete: you can spend quiet cozy evenings in your sitting room by the fireplace, after having spent a day exploring the farm, learning about sustainability and exploring the nearby attractions, like Monemvasia medieval town or Sparta and Mystras.

Eumelia is open March-November.

Arapakis Historic Castle & Hotel Pandora

These two lovely hotels are both located in Charia, a stone village in Mani in Southern Laconia. Arapakis is probably the only family friendly castle stay in Greece and Pandora features luxury apartments, spacious enough for large families. Both have fireplaces in all fully equipped apartments, a playground and are at the perfect location to explore Mani. In Winter, enjoy the scenery alone, skip the traffic and wander in the old villages without the heat.


Chamaloni Cottages

Charming cottages on the bay of Finikounda, close to the beach, but equipped with fireplaces or stoves for the winter. Situated in a vast olive grove with playground, toys, books, bicycles and activities for kids, Chamaloni a place that will keep the little ones entertained all year long!


Ilaeira Mountain Resort

Ilaeira is perfect year round; the swimming pool and pool bar in the summer make it the perfect mountain destination for some a mild weather summer holiday. The fireplaces in each residence, the board games, the kids books and the amazing restaurant will keep you cozy in the winter. While Spring and Autumn are the ideal seasons to hike the mountain trails around.




Skiing with kids in Greece

I bet this is something that have never crossed your minds. It’s actually a well kept secret among the Greeks. I believe though that Greece is ideal for families who want to spend a year or more away from home, as they can have the best of two worlds: warm summers on the beach without missing out on their ski trips!



Mainalo mountain and the arcadian villages are close to Athens, making them the ideal weekend escape year round. There’s a lot to do in the winter, including museums, exploring car free villages, farms and museums, as well as a ski center.


Where to stay

Gileri eco & design residences

Gileri is built in an old traditional house, renovated with kids in mind. Its large residences offer the perfect setting for cozy days inside next to the fireplace, playing with all the toys provided, reading kids books and enjoying wholesome meals.





Zagori and Laconia are actually my two favorite inland destinations in Greece. Zagori features some of the quaintest car free villages in the country, great opportunities for rafting, trekking, trail running, bridge spotting and river swimming. Zagori is perfect year round, but in Winter, you can also ski here! See more about Zagori with kids.


Where to stay

Aristi Mountain Resort

Located amphitheatrically at the top of Aristi village, Aristi Mountain Resort  features some amazing mountain and river views. There’s also indoor swimming pool, garden and great breakfast.




Karpenissi is closer to Athens, features baby lifts in the ski resort and is very well organized for family hikes and family picnics. See more about Karpenissi with kids.


Where to stay

Ninemia Stay & Play

The only hotel in Greece adjacent to each own theme park, The Newton Park, Ninemia Hotel is perfect year round, but we understand why it’s ideal in Winter: all fully equipped apartments feature a fireplace AND a play area! Also, the breakfast area has a playroom and all outside activities take place regardless of the weather conditions!



I hope this article has helped you make up your mind about visiting Greece any other time than Summer 🙂


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