Why eco-friendly hotels are family friendly

More and more people, businesses and of course hotels are becoming sustainable or working towards being more and more friendly to the environment. We consider these hotels by definition family friendly, as they are doing the best they can to ensure a better, healthier planet for our kids in the future. Some are indeed family oriented too, thus they are a part of Family Hotels Greece. Let’s see them in more detail – because they deserve it!




What makes a hotel “eco-friendly”?

There are so many answers to that question. And though most hotels don’t check all points to be sustainable, some are making a huge effort, bigger than most individuals, to be as eco friendlier as possible – and we like them a bit more for that.


Supporting the local community

Hotels that support their local community contribute to the decentralization that urgently needs to happen in Greece, as well as to better source management in the long term. How they do that? By hiring local stuff, using local ingredients in their kitchen, buying from local producers and small shops in the area, not just food, but also furniture, cosmetics, their whole equipment even. Our baby friendly Daphne’s Club Hotel Apartments focuses on every aspect mentioned in this paragraph and hence the local community of Corinth loves it as much as parents of babies around Greece.

Eumelia organic agrotourism farm in Laconia supports local producers by getting all the dairy needed for their kitchen from farms nearby. It also supports the local community by staffing from the area. Last but not least, almost everything bought for eumelia’s needs are from local stores.




Reducing single-use plastics

If you’ve tried this at home, you’ll know how hard it is to actually go all the way. For a hotel, this is actually a pretty expensive step to take, but it shows just how much they respect the environment and our kids’ future. I have to give another mention to Daphne’s Club Hotel Apartments, which has banned single-use plastics since 2018.

In eumelia, every single-use item is made by natural ingredients.




Bioclimatic Architecture

Our favorite farm eumelia is built in perfect harmony with the local architecture, using materials found in the area. Even the colors used to paing the eco-houses in natural. All building are created according to the principles of bioclimatic architecture. Find more here.




Farm to table gastronomy

Local products are used from most hotels around the country. It’s cheaper and tastier and it makes more sense. More and more hotels also make their own marmelades, breakfast cakes, traditional pies, some even produce cheese.
Some hotels however also grow their own herbs, vegetables and fruits, used in their kitchen. Breakfast and dinner are included in eumelia and theyir dishes are almost exclusively farm to tabl. Actually, it’s possible that you foraged the vegetables of your soup yourself!




Being cruelty free

The meat and poultry industry is one of the biggest polluters in the planet. Still, meat is the number one food used in most households of the west. Some hotels are doing their best to not support the meat/poultry industry anymore, offering vegetarian only meals, even in the kids menu. Daphne’s is here again! Not only did they go full vegetarian, but they’re now offering a half board stay option as well.

In eumelia all meals are also vegetarian, gourmet and farm to table. There are animals in the farm that are here for natural reasons, not to… consume.



Green Energy

Eumelia uses geothermal heat pump for heating and cooling, solar water heating system to warm the water, are minimizing the use of water by using ecological water efficient faucets and dual button flush toilet buttons. They also encourage our guests to participate in our environmental initiative to have their towels and bed sheets changed less often. Their bed linen and towel policy is to change them every 3 days. They also line dry linen & towels in order to save energy.




Lower carbon dioxide emissions

All Colors Hotels (Colors Hotel Athens in Athens and Colors Ladadika Central and Colors Urban Hotel Thessaloniki in Thessaloniki) know the impact large hotel units have on the environment. That’s why they have invested in sustainability and eco-friendliness, by choosing products and practics that lower the carbon emissions of their hotels:

  • LED lights in all rooms and spaces
  • Colors that are friendly to the environment
  • Limited use/reuse/recycle of paper, plastic, batteries, kitchen oils and more
  • Recycled plastic packaging wherever possible
  • Large packaging of cleaning products
  • Biodegredable cleaning products in large packaging made by recycled plastic
  • Water conservation in all taps with special mechanisms
  • Use of automatic lambs wherever possible for energy saving
  • Supporting local producers to limit transportation energy and pollution
  • Fair Trade toiletries
  • Washing maching products that are environment friendly
  • Not changing sheets every day when possible to save energy, cleaning products and water

In eumelia:

  • LED lights and low consumption light bulbs minimize energy consumption and electronic waste
  • Ecological and natural mattresses as well as bath towels and linen used in the hotel
  • Natural and organic cleaning material
  • Single use cups, plates and eating utensils are made from natural resources
  • Leftover cooked food is fed to our dogs, pigs and chickens
  • Leftover uncooked vegetables are fed to our chickens
  • They recycle their grey and black water and use it to water gardens & trees as well as manure for trees
  • Avoid buying plastic products for their farm.
  • They reuse, upcycle and buy material and products from sustainable sources
  • Guests also separate organic material, recycling material and other waste in their rooms


So until you make your houselold more sustainable, consiouslly book your next family stay in an eco-friendly hotel and get inspired to live greener!







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