When to visit Greece with kids

Contrary to popular belief, Greece is not a tropical destination, where the temperature is around 25-30 degrees year round 🙂
Again contrary to popular belief, there’s so much more than Crete, Athens and the islands in Greece, as the whole country is filled with amazing locations and family friendly accommodation.




Summer is actually the only time when you can actually visit the islands, as the season there starts on the 1st of May and ends on the 30th of October. The same goes for most inland destinations by the sea.


However, this is also a great time for a mountain holiday, as many winter guesthouses have swimming pools and the rivers are ideal for canoe and kayaking.




Fall foliage is a thing in Greece, on the mountains to be more specific and in the northern part of the country. It’s colder on the mountains than in Athens now and Athenians escape the city looking forward to some cozy nights in. We love experiencing this time of year at Ninemia Stay & Play, where the kids can enjoy themselves too.


Autumn is also a great time to visit Southern Greece, as it’s still relatively warm there and there are farms that will welcome you year long, for some nature immersion. Eumelia Farm and Chamaloni Cottages are perfect for this!




Greece sees mild winters, so if you want to escape the snow and those long dark nights without having to look for last year’s summer sandals, there are some pretty unique places to visit. I can’t recommend Zagori enough for this time of year. Our stay at Kipi Suites was great last December!


If you want to make absolutely sure it won’t snow on you while here however, this is the best time to visit Athens or Thessaloniki, where winters are much milder and the crowds this time of year a lot less.




Spring is a great time for river adventures, it’s also great to be here in Easter to experience the local traditions. If you’re brave enough, you might find that the sea is cold but enjoyable. Spring makes even the driest islands green and even the darkest mountains filled with flowers here. See our recommendations about visiting Santorini in Spring!


It’s also the best time to visit our favorite Mani peninsula, as the winter winds and the summer heat won’t let you enjoy it the way it should.


Spring is also the best time for some hiking, to explore some of Greece most idyllic mountain trails. Taygetos in the Peloponnese is one of them and you can start your hiking from Ilaeira Mountain Resort and finish it with some fun at the kids pool!


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