What to pack for a summer in Greece with kids

If you’re coming from a warm country, this article won’t be necessary while packing for your trip to Greece. But as summers here are much warmer and for longer than in central or northern Europe, pin this for later!


Remember that there’s the warm summer (June-August) and the not so warm summer (May and September;  also April and October in southern Greece and Crete). Their main difference is the sea temperature and the night temperature, which is definitely lower during the not so warm summer.
So what to pack for you and your kids/babies for your summer trip to Greece?



1. Mosquito repellent

Summer nights are so sweet in Greece that you’re going to like keeping the window open all night long and you’ll want to stay a bit longer in the balcony after the kids go to bed. After sunset, when the cicadas stop singing, the mosquitoes come out to play. Make sure you have several mosquito repellents: a cream for the baby, a gel for you, and definitely something to plug and keep on at night, may it be a red light with a repellent buzz or a repellent liquid. You can also get one of those light covers for the stroller, but this way the sweet summer breeze won’t chill your baby and they’ll stay warm – not fun.

2. Bite cream

There are several and you can find them in any drugstore in Greece. There’s “fenistil” and “frezyderm after nip”, which you apply on the bite right after it happens. And then there’s “fucidin” which you apply on the bit if it starts looking like an injury.

3. Sun screen

Remember to apply the sun screen 30 minutes before sun exposure and right before the mosquito repellent. Get 2 bottles for the baby, 2 bottles for the kid (one for before exposure and a water resistent one, for after the swim) and 3 bottles for you, one for the face (make it a 50), one for the body (50) and a lighter one, maybe a sun oil with a protection of 15-20, for after you get a sun tan.

4. After sun cream

This is crucial to avoid sun burn. You’ll get two, one for the kids (look for the ones by Korres) and one for you (I recommend Hei Poa). You must apply it every day after your shower. Make sure you also have a face moisturizer to protect your face skin too.



5. Light clothes in light colors

Leave your black sweaters and your grey cardigans at home; forget your boots and your warm socks. You’re goint to Greece! Time for the kids to only wear 3 items of clothing at most! Just a dress or a t-shirt, a skirt or pair of shorts and a piece of underwear. That’s all you need to go for breakfast by the pool or for lunch in town. That’s all you’ll need for dinner out during the warm summer. I’d recommend to pack 1 such outfit per day per kid. And for the adults, make sure to pack such clothes in colors that go well together, for example beige, white, blue, repeat.

6. Some light jackets and long sleeve blouses and jeans

If you’re headed to the Aegean or the mountains or if you’re visiting during the “not so warm” summer period (see above). Keep in mind that in August, there are strong winds all over the Aegean sea, that usually make the temperature drop significantly at night. You’re going to need long jeans, long sleeves, a light jacket, even a light scarf during that time. If you’re visiting the mountains, bring socks too, as well as a cotton sweater. For the kids or babies, pack accordingly.

7. Swim suits

Pack a lot of them. Bring them all. Make sure to get overalls for the kids and keep them on from 11 am till an hour before sunset.

8. Beach clothes

Light caftans for you, light dresses, cool shirts. For the kids, some cotton fabric clothes that they can put on when they don’t want to be wet anymore.



9. Sandals

I usually pack 3-5 pairs of cool sandals for 10 days of beach holiday, plus 1 pair of hiking sandals. You needn’t pack more than one pair for each kid.

10. Sneakers

I only pack my running shoes, but the kids might need them a day or two.

11. Beach shoes

Plastic sandals for me (Birkenstock or Havaianas), plastic shoes for the kids (Crocs). Some beaches have pebbles and you won’t want to miss out on those crystal clear waters just because you can’t walk on the pebbles. Also, the sand gets really really hot!



  • Swim nappies for the babies and toddlers of the group
  • Hats for everyone
  • Toys and colors for the kids; there’s no kids corner in any restaurant here
  • A baby bag with everything you need to change the baby, anywhere you are; there are no changing facilities anywhere
  • Sunnies. Even for the babies of the group. We recommend KiEtLa, they’re a parisian brand that is unbreakable!
  • Large beach bag. Maybe you’ll find a stylish one to buy here. Remember it’s going to get heavy!
  • Large Ikea bag, to carry all those buckets and spades, floats etc.

I don’t believe you’ll need to bring your own food, as there’s everything in Athens and the popular islands. If you have any special dietary needs, consult with your hotel to make sure you’ll find what you’ll need at your destination.


That’s it. The lightest you’ve ever packed for a family trip.


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