Things you can ask from your hotel or b&b

There’s no shortage of things you can ask from your hotel reception, the concierge, your host or the b&b owners. These are all things we have needed while traveling with kids or without and we were able to find easily at our accommodation.


A lift

We all know how difficult it is to park around the historical center in any italian town and one night we got back to our B&B in Alghero without being able to park anywhere. Our host was kind enough to drive us to the city center and we came back by taxi later.


Car seats or a stroller

Our hotel in Prague arranged a taxi to come get us from the airport and take us back before our flight back. They had already placed 2 car seats in the back seat for our twins, car seats that the hotel rented out to their guests. We had brought our own strollers, but an Italian family rented 2 from the hotel for their kids and their strolls around the city.


Baby equipment

From two travel cots and two high chairs in our villa in Esperos Suites & Villas, a boiler, a blender in our villa in Methoni’s Finest, a changing table at Daphne’s, to toys at eumelia, kids cutlery and baby food, just ask before you arrive and they’ll make everything in their power to accommodate you. If they can, they’ll let you know.



Something I keep forgetting to pack in the Summer. The owners at Agroktima were kind enough to lend us one and they made sure we find an operating Pharmacy to get medicine too.


Directions and itineraries

The owners or concierge are either locals or know the area like the palm of their hand. The best ones have the gift to create a custom itinerary for you after you say one or two “keywords”. The least they can do is give you a map, let you know where their hotel is located and how long it is to each important site around. Just ask. Colors Urban at Thessaloniki really made our days easier.


Activities reservations

Dimitra at Arapakis Historical Castle recommended a sports activities group nearby and they were indeed lovely! We ended up having a great time with a sea bicycle, take some paddle boarding lessons and get ideas on hikes with kids.


Dinner reservations

Our hotel in Prague, not only booked our dinners, they also made sure the restaurants had a play area!


Activities in-sight

Just because a property has a yoga area, activities for kids or a spa, doesn’t mean they will let you know about them all as soon as you arrive, because they can’t know that you might be interested in any of them. You can ask and book whatever you want and end up having the time of your life.



What are other things you’ve asked from your hotel?





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