The Ultimate 3 weeks itinerary in Greece

There’s so much to see in Greece after you visit Athens, Crete and Mykonos/Santorini! First, there are so many more islands that are just as fab, less touristy, a lot less crowded and with equally stunning beaches. Second, the mountains and their picturesque villages, the cobblestone piazzas and the amazing mountain food is NOT to be missed!

So here it is, the ultimate 3 week itinerary for your greek adventure with kids:


Week 1: Athens and island hopping

I recommend you land in Athens, so as to have all options open. From here, you can catch a flight to the major islands and take the ferry to plenty more.

2 nights in Athens

Of course, visiting Greece’s capital with kids is also a must. Athens is one of the oldest cities in the world, with a history spanning over 2.500 years. Ancient monuments make the city center a true wonder, while at the same time, kids museums and kid oriented tours will make this interesting for the kids too. See more about Athens with kids.

3 nights on Santorini

From Athens, getting a flight to Santorini is easy enough. You’ll be there in 25 minutes, get to your family friendly Rivari Hotel and enjoy the pool and some snack. The next days, you’ll have enough time to explore Akrotiri ruins, Oia town and the red beach, even take a cruise to the volcano. See more about Santorini with kids.

2 nights on Paros island

From Santorini, take a ferry to Paros island, for some sandy beaches and down time. No need to explore much here, just keep cool at your family villa with pool and BBQ!



Week 2: Road trip in the Peloponnese

From Paros, time to explore some of the Peloponnese. You’ll get here by car straight from the harbour of Peiraeus, it will take about 3-4 hours.

2 nights at an organic farm

Time to experience the countryside and the best Greece has to offer: organic food, extra virgin olive oil, farm living. Eumelia Organic Agrotourism Farm is in Laconia and is ideal. It’s also 30 minutes from the beaches of Gytheion, so you don’t miss out on the beach life. It’s also pretty close to majestic Monemvasia.

4 nights in Mani peninsula

Here’s your chance to stay at a restored Maniot tower from the 1800s, with large apartments and a playground! 2 nights are enough to explore the old cobble stone villages and the wild beauty of the peninsula.
Spend another 2 nights by the beach, at Skoutari bay, to relax, enjoy the sea and sun and some amazing sea food at the picture-perfect taverns here.

See more about Mani with kids.

2 nights in Messinia

From Laconia, time to head to its neighboring Messinia, for some downtime. You can stay at a family villa with pool near Methoni castle; οr a family villa near the beach, featuring its own open air cinema; or a family farm with playground near one of the best sandy beaches in Greece. Or stay at the charming village of Kardamyli, at a large family villa with pool right on the beach. If your kids are over 7, you can opt for a restored tower in the heart of Old Kardamyli. See more about Messinia with kids.



Week 3: Mountain hopping

From Messinia, time to drive north to explore some of the mountains of Greece.

2 nights in Taygetos Mountain

Before you leave Peloponissos for central Greece, make a turn to majestic Taygetos mountain, for some epic hikes. I can’t recomment Ilaeira Mountain Resort enough; it features a playground, kids pool, swimming pool, beach bar, restaurant, toys and baby equipment and it’s ideally located to ride your bike to the beginning of the trails!

2 nights in Arcadia

Not far from here and still in the Peloponnese, the lovely Mainalon mountain with its epic trails, picturesque villages and amazing monasteries awaits. You can stay at a mountain guesthouse with modern amenities and lots of toys and explore from here Lousios river, local museums and some eerie nature.
Arcadia with kids

2 nights in Karpenissi

Here’s where the ultimate kid friendly resort is, so you’ll want to stay longer, for the kids to play and learn. Ninemia Stay & Play has a playground, inside play area, play corners in all houses, train rides, pony rides, a farm, even a large theme park! It’s also centrally located to explore the villages of Proussos, Karpenissi, Megalo and Mikro Chorio, enjoy some kid oriented canoeing and some of the most idyllic treks in Greece. Learn more about Karpenissi with kids.

2 nights in Zagori

Harder to get to, but oh so fab… Zagori is perfect for your summer road trip, as it’s rainy any other time of the year, speaking from experience! You can do some bridge spotting here, hike the beautiful paths, enjoy some of the best food of your life and village hop till you drop! The perfect stay is at Aristi village at Aristi Mountain Resort , which is within walking distance from bridges and trails and close enough to most of the villages. Find out more about Zagori with kids.



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