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Eumelia is a proud member of Family Hotels Greece meeting mine and my family’s standards. From its origins, eumelia was designed and built as a family friendly hotel. The owners of the farm, Fragkiskos and Marilena, are parents of young kids themselves, hence they deeply understand all the needs of a family! Also, they know that every family has different needs and habits and they wish to meet them all. Most importantly, a truly family friendly hotel is the one run by a family: Frangiskos and Marilena will make sure to accommodate parents’ needs, while their kids, Jason (6) and Orpheus (3), are there to share their time and toys with your little ones!
Newborns, babies, toddlers, families of three, four, five, six, are all very welcome and eumelia is committed to make you feel like home.
Parents, once you choose eumelia for your family vacation, take a deep breath, relax and enjoy some precious moments with and without your little ones! Below, you can find the reasons why…


Sleeping habits


Co-sleeping, crib, separate bed with safety rails or without for independent sleepers, every child has its style and eumelia adjust to it. For your accommodation you can choose any of those styles without compromising your own comfort.
Bedsheets and towels used for your precious ones are made out of organic cotton and washed with plant-derived,  allergens and scent free detergent.
Sleeping time is so precious for parents as well, so don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy a glass of natural wine in the Womb Lounge! Baby monitor is provided upon request and we can also make sure to reserve for you the house closer to the Womb Lounge.


Eating habits


Since kids have their own eating habits and zero patience when it comes to food, it is important for you to have a fully equipped kitchen to prepare their meals. Also, in your house you can find organic and healthy snacks and fruits anytime, to feed their appetite without worrying about junk food.
Breakfast routine is also made easy to better fit families’ needs. Breakfast is self catered at your private house and is available any time. Early birds will have their milk in the fridge and late risers should not get stressed about buffet time.
High chairs are also available for your house and at the Womb Lounge upon request.


Free play


If there was a tripadvisor for kids, I’m sure that no kid would have complained about free playing. The entire farm is open, approachable and safe for kids to play while parents are having their coffee on the patio or practicing their yoga session. Our friendly dogs will become their new stuffed toys and a 2000 year old olive tree, their new home.
With a visit to the garden, they will get inspired about food origins and who knows… they might get more willing to try this broccoli! Jason and Orpheus, the kids of the farm, are always looking forward to meeting new kids and showing them around, giving them a ride with their bikes and cart, having fun on the trampoline and getting involved in new adventures!
In the Womb Lounge you can also find many board games, wooden toys and children’s books in English for fun moments indoors. A basket of books for adults and children is also available in every house.


Learn while on vacation


Family vacation’s purpose is also bonding and learning, thus we have many activities to suggest.
Cooking class is adapted to kids needs and parents have to rely on their children for the family lunch while children develop their fine skills by making their own pasta!
Soap making is for the little mad scientists. Chemistry and some magic spells will turn the olive oil to a unique soap bar made by them with their favorite herbs and organic essential oils.
For senses development we recommend the olive oil tasting, a course that guides children and adults to the magic world of senses: smell, taste, feel! Learn about extra virgin olive oil production and trust your senses to distinguish a good quality olive oil. Besides, drinking extra virgin olive oil is healthy!
From June to August, eumelia also hosts young volunteers dedicated to creative activities with our little ones thanks to the project “Global Classroom” by the international students network AIESEC.


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