Skyros Greece With Kids

Our second summer after we became parents, we decided to visit Skyros with our twins. Skyros is a lush island between Cyclades and Sporades, blending the best of two worlds: the white-washed alleys and houses with the pine forests. It is also one of the top family friendly islands in Greece, since all beaches are sandy and there are tons of ground floor apartments to rent with yards and independent parking spaces. It is also a relatively small island, easy to drive around. So, if you’re looking for a laid back island destination for families in Greece, Skyros should be first in your list. Plus, you’ve probably never heard of it before, right?



How to get here

And this is probably why you’ve never heard of it before: you can’t get here from the famous port of Peiraeus. You have to drive to Kymi, this coastal town on Evia island and get the ferry from there. it’s a cheap and short 1h45m ride from Kymi. You can also get here by air though.





Skyros’s Bays and Coastline

Atsitsa: It’s a cute lush bay town with great sunset views, laid back international visitors, few accommodation options, one tavern, and several lovely pebble not organized beaches in and around the town. We loved it there. We loved sunset snack time at Sunset Cafe, we loved swimming on the beach next to it, we loved driving to and from it. Totally recommend it!

There are tons of apartments to rent here. Didn’t see one right on the beach though, but I might be mistaken. There are plenty of restaurants here too, all on the sandy, organized beach, with great views to beautiful Chora. The beach is exposed to the August winds though.

Small beach town with one accommodation right on the sandy beach and several others not far from the bay. The one on the beach also has a restaurant and a beach bar with sun beds. There is one more tavern here, Kyra Popi, with nice food, great views, but terrible service. The sea is always calm here.

A coastal town with a 24-7 market, a sandy beach, not organized, but with apartments right on it or near it and one bar and one fish tavern overlooking the bay. Unfortunately, there is no place to stroll here and the beach is exposed to the August winds.

Agios Petros: 
If you’re into free camping with kids, that’s your spot!

This one is right after Molos, so even more exposed to the winds. The beach is sandy though, organized at some parts and near some hotels.

East Kalamitsi:
 Pebbled, remote, not organized beach. You can park right on it. That’s not something I like.

West Kalamitsi: Sandy, remote, not organized beach. You can park right on it. That’s not something I like. Just before you get here from Aspous, you’ll run into Mouries tavern, which may have a playground but not baby chairs or water in the toilet..

Our favorite! just one beach bar, very few apartments to rent and one tavern, which is pretty great (Stamatia) and it even has two baby chairs. There is one central sandy beach surrounded by large mountains with pine forests. One more small beach right under the tavern. And several private beaches better reached by boat.

Kyra Panagia: That’s a pretty remote beach. It’s sandy and organized like most on the island and there are two food places here too.

Agios Fokas: Less remote sandy/pebbled and organized beach right after Pefkos. There are several small bays here, remote and lush. The tavern and the beach bar are situated on the central organized beach. 

Linaria: It’s the port. It’s quaint, small with yachts parked, a super market and grocery shops and the best bakery on the island. It even serves pizza! The bar is nothing to brag about, but you can eat great souvlaki here and jump off the cliffs at Cavo sipping cocktails while staring at the ship anchoring.



Where to spend your evening

Well, we liked Linaria as I mentioned just above, but we loved Chora! It’s very organized and the locals seem to love it. There is a huge parking space that was not extremely packed even on Saturday night. The cobble stone alleys and the white washed houses are so picturesque, while the shops, taverns and cafes, both on the alleys and the roof gardens are to die for. The family friendly component of this is the central square where kids of all ages play every evening, while parents sit on the cafes, bars and italian restaurants overlooking the square, the church and the sunset. 



Where to Stay with kids

Check out Anemonisia Deluxe Apartments, Pegasus Studios and Apartments, Skyros Ammos Hotel

See more family friendly hotels in Skyros



Μοm Recommendations


I recommend Atsitsa cove for your stay. There are very quaint options here. People are more laid back and it’s not packed with loud tourists. There are also several beaches here for you to choose from. Some remote, some pebbled, or with turquoise waters surrounded by pine forest rocks.
But if you really want a beach apartment, then Acherounes is your best choice. And if it’s not August and not windy, Aspous beach also offers the beach stay option.
Follow the sunset down to Atsitsa, from Pefko through the lush quaint panoramic and rural itinerary, stopping at churches for photos. But be in Atsitsa estate and Sunset cafe to see the big one hide under the see.
Go to Chore more than once. Zip a mojito with fresh mint straight from the pot, enjoy your ice cream with fresh buffalo milk from Faltaina, go to Agora to see the views, get lost in the alleys.
And don’t skip Pefkos beach. It is our favorite!



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