Skiathos Island With Kids

We’ve been to few islands with kids and we have to admit Skiathos is one of the friendliest for families. Small, easy to navigate, with stunning sandy beaches and a car free capital, this island of the Sporades complex in central Greece is amazing. Here’s a where to stay, where to eat, what to do account from our recent journey to possibly the most beautiful greek island you’ve never heard about!



Useful information

Skiathos is one of three main islands of Sporades, with the other two being Alonnissos and Skopelos, the latter being a short boat trip away. A short boat trip at the opposite direction, lies mount Pelion and its own stunning coves. Skiathos is one of the many islands of the Aegean Sea, just over Cyclades and off the coast of Evia island.
Just like all the other Sporades islands (I happened to have visited all of them), Skiathos is also lush, with olive groves as far as the eye can see and pine trees going on forever, offering shadow at the beaches. All of them being small, sandy and with crystal light blue waters, sparkling at some points! The north beaches are, per usual, more remote, harder to get to and with less sand and pine trees and often windy in August.

Skiathos is really small and that’s good for a family visiting for a few days. It’s a short drive to get to anywhere from anywhere, all beaches are close to each other, or restaurant options are 20 minutes tops away from where you’re at.
There are no villages on Skiathos, but Chora, the capital and harbour is cute. There are virtually no local products, but the restaurants use whatever is available here and on the neighboring islands, and it’s working like a charm.



Where to stay

Definetely at Chora: we recommend The Water with unobstructed views to Bourtzi peninsula or The Tree with plenty of shade, privacy and design for sore eyes. Both have amenities for families. But most importantly, both are within a minute walk from restaurants, bars and gelaterias, 2 minutes away from the taxi boats that can take you to all beaches around the island, 3 minutes away from the cobblestone alleys of Chora with its souvenir shops and bistrots, 4 minutes away from the ship harbour and 5 minutes drive from the airport.


Where to eat

Make sure to book a table, especially if it’s July or August.

Sklithri: this is a cute fish tavern on Sklithri beach. The fish dishes are pricey, but everything is delicious, the view is breathtaking and the service is spotless.

Scuna & Castello: these two are next to each other, right on the marina road that leaves Chora. Possibly our favorite spot to dine on the island, as the view to Chora is amazing and all restaurants here are right on the water. The dishes are not to die for, but they are really clever. We liked that the waiters brought colors to our kids at Scuna and that Castello has homemade pasta with vegan sauce. The service, decor and overall feeling is amazing at both.

Panorama: Italian with the best view on the island and amazing pizza. It’s actually a balcony with panoramic views all the way to Skopelos.

Nest: The seafood restaurant right on Big Banana beach offers a great view to one of the top beaches on the island and some great dishes. Mystique is also here and also amazing.

Exandas: Right on Megali Ammos beach, possibly our favorite on the island. The food is amazing, there are many healthy options, the wine is great, the people too!

Bayu: right on Xanemos beach, this tiki bar with peruvian dishes is gorgeous. You can also do some airplane landing/take-off spotting here, as the runway is 20 meters away!

In Chora: the cobblestone alleys have many bistrots, some well-known. So well-known and cute that we had to book well in advance and we never managed to eat here. Also, it was so hot to waste our time in the alleys where the breeze never goes… Marmita and Artesanal are highly recommended, but we also envied some cute italian restaurants at small squares under the trees!



What to do with kids

There is a playground at Chora, but it was locked. We really enjoyed our hike to the Castle, a medieval town up north. Use carriers if the kids are small. Come at sunset, otherwise the sun will be relentless. We also liked the airplane spotting spot near Chora, as the airplanes land or take off like meters from your head and it’s so impressive. We really liked walking around Chora, visitng cute little shops and getting some ice-cream. Papadiamantis (an old Greek famous writer) home is here, as well as the museum “Skiathitiko Spiti” (skiathos house) are must-sees.



The beaches of Skiathos

Ask your concierge to recommend the best ones and the best way to reach them.
Definitely spend a day at Tsouggria island, but book your sunbed in advance.
Koukounaries is the most famous and it’s really stunning and right next to it, Abelakia, Megali Banana and Mikri Banana, are smaller and equally beautiful and friendly. Really, those 5 are possibly some of the best beaches we’ve seen anywhere in the world.
Lalaria is the most famous beach here, but not sandy as the above mentioned. It’s stunning though and really special (cover photo).
The beaches from Megali Ammos to Koukounaries are beautiful and sandy, but not as clean. The north beaches are beautiful, but not organized and harder to get to.






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