Santorini in the Spring

We believe that traveling with kids in the Spring is amazing. Nature is at its best, there’s fewer tourists, the weather is mild, everything (restaurants, hotels…) is open or opens up and tourism workers are relaxed and happy for the season ahead.
All this is true in Santorini, too, even more so I might add.


Why visit Santorini in Spring

  • It’s such a unique island it makes sense to have tourists flock it all summer. Before the covid crisis, we had visited Santorini mid May and it was already pretty crowded. Still it seemed better than August, at least there was room for a stroller to move and for a family to navigate through its alleys.
  • The weather is still mild. The rocks of the island attract the heat in the summer and there are few trees on this volcanic island. If you’re traveling with babies, the Santorini Spring weather won’t stop you from being outside all day long and enjoying everything this lovely island has to offer.
  • Sea temperature is already warm, especially right before June.
  • Everything is already open. In other parts of Greece, May is the beginning of the summer tourist season. Santorini is so popular and warm that it already welcomes travelers in April!
  • Because Spring is the best season to visit the ancient Akrotiri ruins and the caldera, both being difficult to explore in the summer heat.
  • Especially if you stay in a hotel with pool, you’ll have the luxury to enjoy swimming even in a warm April day.
  • It’s not as expensive in Spring. It’s not high season yet. It’s easier to find cheaper flights, better accommodation costs, reasonably priced sunset dinners.


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