Remote Working In A Farm In Greece

Southern Greece is a paradise for digital nomads. With mild winters and summers that stretch out from May to late October, you can understand how it is a year round destination.

Eumelia is a farm in Southern Peloponnese, which has set out to create a worldschooling community for parents from around the world, who want to remote work from Greece and teach their kids about nature and sustainability.


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Worldschooling at Eumelia Organic Agrotourism Farm


Ideal for large families

With 5 eco-houses of 60 square meters each, eumelia also welcomes large families. Each house features a spacious separate bedroom with a double floor bed and enough space for 2 kids mattresses, even a travel cot. There’s also a sitting area with 2 sofa beds.


Ideal for working

The sitting area is also equipped with an office space and the wi-fi is working throughout the property. There’s an outside area, too, as well as plenty of things for kids to do around, so parents can have some hours to themselves in the eco-house.
The Womb Lounge is the common area in the main  building, which is also built in a way that allows people to work remotely.


Ideal for play

The family who owns the farm lives and works here, raising their two lovely kids in the farm. There are plenty of toys in the estate, which is by the way a very safe space for little ones. There’s also the farm, the animals, the foraging and the olive grove, offering plenty of opportunity for free play in nature. If the weather calls for cozy days inside, there’s room for everyone in the eco-houses, but there’s also the Womb Lounge for board games and music and other screen-free activities.


Ideal learning environment

Eumelia offers the perfect opportunities for learning, for parents and kids alike.
There are cooking lessons, sustainability workshops, farm tours, wine harvesting, extra virgin olive oil tasting, oganic farm discussions and the kids can learn the basics of foraging and farming by playing around.

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Ideal to live

With free wi-fi, large family houses with fully equipped kitchens, lovely patios and close to amazing monuments and towns, eumelia is ideal for long stays. As both the eumelia experience and the road trips from here are amazing.


Ideal for all year long

With tons to see in the winter and so many lovely beaches and fish towns nearby to explore in the summer, you can actually choose eumelia for remote working and homeschooling experience in Greece throughout the year.

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