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Having stayed in over 30 accommodations ever since we became parents of twins and up until the twins were just over 4 yearsl old (our last stay was 5 days before Greece’s 6 months confinement), we have quite the experience. This experience has shown me on one hand, what I and my kids need for a comfortable and pleasant stay. On the other hand, I had the opportunity to see with my own eyes what hotels, guesthouses, villas and apartments offer to parents and kids: what these extras are that give added value to some stays and makes them even more family friendly. So, I came up with a mental categorization, which is not of course all too strict.


How Is Family Hotels Greece Different

  • There is no other website, magazine or app with family friendly stays in Greece
  • Families have other kinds of needs; a website with all kinds of stays can’t help when researching facilities and amenities for familes
  • A website that only includes family friendly accommodation can save up tons of time when looking for your next family destination – and as parents, we have very little time
  • Family Hotels Greece of course includes properties that have rooms which are not family oriented. These rooms are not presented here. Only the family rooms are showcased from each property, because our content is specifically curated for parents
  • We know first hand what parents want in their stays and in what kind of properties kids have a better time
  • We are interested in parents enjoying themselves, so properties with a spa, private pools, wellness events and gourmet dining with cool cocktails are of course included, as long as they also feature amenities for kids


Why Are So Few Properties Featured

We are not just another hotel directory and booking platform. Το Family Hotels Greece finds, tests and presents family friendly properties in Greece. This takes time. It took us more than 4 years to visit over 30 properties and not all of them had been family friendly, hence not all of them can be included.
Moreover, we want to have full control over the content, only the correct and updated information, perfect texts and images, so we choose quality over quantity any time.
The most important reason though is that we don’t want the parents visiting or website getting lost in a sea of choices. Parents don’t have much time and we know that. Hence, we want to help you book your next family trip in Greece easier and faster. This is why Family Hotels Greece only presents family friendly properties: to make this search easier. And these properties won’t ever be too many to handle, to keep your research fast.


Which properties do we (not) consider “family friendly”?

We don’t consider “family friendly” and hence we will never include in Family Hotels Greece properties that are oriented to families with kids over 16 years old or adults only stays.

Other than that, any property features some facilities and amenities for kids and little visitors have fun there, rates from proper to ideal!


Amenities & Facilities For Families

Some of our featured properties have almost all the amenities and facilities mentioned below, while others just some of them:

  • accessibility, safety
  • joint rooms, apartments, villas, indepentent houses, spacious suites, family rooms, family apartments
  • farm, green areas, safe garden or yard
  • playground, swings, playroom, teachers, baby sitting upon request, crèche, kids corner, baby corner, theme park, toys around or in the room, library with kids books
  • kids pool, private pool, swimming pool, water park, private beach, beach toys
  • travel cots, changing table, baby proofing, baby tum
  • high chairs, plastic/kids cutlery, restaurant with our without a kids menu, baby meals, kitchen or kitchenette
  • baby/kids shamboos
  • strollers and/or car seats for rent


Mom Approved

In most of the featured properites, we have stayed with our twins, hence they are approved by our first hand experience. You can recognize these properties from the “Mom Approved” badge on the right colum of their page. As for the properties we haven’t yet stayed at, the approval was done from afar – but we did read reviews by parents, talked to parents who have been there and have established that they are indeed family friendly.


Baby Friendly Hotels

Some of the featured properties are not only family friendly, but also baby friendly. Which means that they definitely offer travel cots, baby chairs, may have baby meals and/or have a fully equipped kitchen or kitchenette. You can recognize these properties from the badge “Baby Friendly Hotels” on the right column on their page.





Can I Make My Reservation Through Family Hotels Greece?

Family Hotels Greece is not a booking platform. It is the only source where parents can look for family friendly stays in Greece. On every property’s page in Family Hotels Greece, you can see their phone number and email address, in case you prefer contacting them directly. There’s also the “BOOK NOW” button, which will lead you in the booking page of the hotel itself (if the hotels uses one. Otherwise, in their homepage). Therefore, any reservations are made by you directly with the property, therefore in the lowest rates out there and with no booking fees. Any cancellation or amendment is under the respected hotel’s policy.


Sales & Offers

We make sure to let you know about any kind of sales and offers made by the properties. You can check out our homepage regularly under “Offers”, visit our blog, join our mailing list and of course follow us on social media for all our news.


Why book with Family Hotels Greece;

When you find the property that’s right for you in Family Hotels Greece, after your reservation, let us know about it and we’ll make sure you’ll receice a goodie bag upon arrival.


Social Media

Follow Family Hotels Greece on Instagram and Facebook, and be the first to know about the family friendly properties added in our platform, about collaborations we make with baby brands and toys brands and everything your goodie bag might include!



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