Our Stay At Ninemia Stay & Play In Karpenissi, Greece

Right before we were lockdown due to covid back in November, we had the chance to visit the mountains of Evritania in central Greece. It’s a bit isolated area, which means it’s hard to reach and so worthwhile. After all, a family friendly stay can make even the most difficult destination, easy to enjoy. This is why we chose to stay at Ninemia Stay & Play , possibly the most family friendly hotel we’ve ever stayed at!

Location of Ninemia Stay & Play

3 and a half hours from Athens, 10 minutes from Karpenissi town, the capital of the area, 5 minutes away from quaint Megalo Horio and 40 minutes from Proussos monastery lies Ninemia Stay & Play.
In 15.000 m2 estate, to be accurate, but for just up to 6 families, hence there’s plenty of space for everyone, even in the covid era. It’s also located right on the main road that connects Karpenissi town with Proussos village, so it’s easy to find. And right next to the river, which you can hear and see from the farm.
The village on the hill on the left is Klafsio and its church bell you’ll hear will be the only indication that time is actually passing by – this is how easy going it is at Ninemia.
In the estate, lies both the hotel and the farm, the playground and the barbeque area, as well as  The Newton Park, one of the few theme parks in Greece.

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How come Ninemia Stay & Play is the most family friendly hotel we’ve stayed at?

And we’ve stayed at plenty, hence we can compare. But it so happens that Ninemia is one of a kind – at least in Greece.

1. It’s strictly a families only property

It only features family homes, two of which are maisonettes with an attic.
It’s attached to The Newton Park theme park.
Every day after breakfast, all kids can ride a pony and enjoy a train ride across the estate to feed the animals.
There’s a playground, kids zip line, bicycles for little ones, a trampoline, or for free. There’s also a play area in the breakfast lounge.
Kids get small gifts upon departure.
And every house has a small play corner.

Of course, there are smaller, one-room houses for 2 (+2) people. And there are adult fun options too, for example horse rides.

2. You’ll find families to hang with

The houses area actually does look like a cute neighbourhood. That was the intention of Demy and Antony when they built their own house and the guesthouses here.

3. All houses are on the ground floor and spacious

Their front doors all lead directly to the playground and the cafe. The back yards lead to either a ground floor veranda or directly to the garden, the pond and the tree house.

4. The two maisonettes feature attics, for larger groups or families

So you can bring grandpa and grandma. Or you can bring all 5 of your kids.

5. Travel cots are available…

… as well as high chairs, a buggy, bouncers, all upon request.

6. All houses have a fully equipped kitchen

Some even have a real size fridge. And they all have dining tables. Which means that you can both cook and host a dinner party.

7. Two of the houses have 0 or 1 step.

“Anatoli” maisonette even features a ramp for strollers (and an extra bathroom for people wih disabilities). Romantic Stone Bungalow only has one step. They both have direst access to the back garden and the lawn.

8. The entire estate is fenced, flat and stroller friendly

And the whole area is cover with either grass or pebbles, which means no mud, ever. You can stroll with the baby or just sit back and enjoy while the littles one play at a huge green fenced space.

9. There are fuzzy eaters options served at breakfast

Small round pancakes with nutella. Fresh orange juice. Bundt. Grilled sandwich. Cookies. Tahini. Greek yogurt. All healthy and amazing options.

10. The kid oriented menu at the café

could easily satisfy hungry little kids who play all day in nature. Coffee and local distilled drinks are also served, to keep parents happy too.

11. Kids could be creatively entertained too

This is charged extra and is available upon request.



 Science Fun Park “The Newton Park”

Just a door away, the attached edutainment park “The Newton Park” is access-free for all hotel residents.
The Newton Park is also available to non residents of course, with a charge of 6 euros per person. 64 different games and tricks are available to everyone in a green, fenced and safe space.
There’s even a baby corner, with busy boards, pipes and balls, to keep toddlers under 2 years entertained too.
In the entrance area, right next to the canteen, there’s a pond with ducks, a zip line for people up to 90 kilos, a sandbox with “real” diggers, pipes with water to move around plastic toys, music boards, bubble creators, a pirate ship playground… and that’s just the entrance.
In the large area leading to the river, there are Physics & Mechanics games. But also pots and pans to make music, a barn with chicks, rooster, rabbit, turkeys…


You can book your stay here any time of the year!



* This article was written after our complimentary stay at Ninemia Stay & Play in October 2020, when the twin were 4 years old. All opinions are of course and as always personal.







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