Our Experience at Hotel Perivoli

Our first spring trip with the twins for 2018 was in beautiful Nafplio, where we were hosted by Hotel Perivoli, an elegant country retreat just a few minutes from the town, set among the quintessential Greek countryside.


In a few words…

Hotel Perivoli is a boutique hotel with just 13 rooms, it serves amazing traditional breakfast, as well as stunning dishes for lunch and dinner, a swimming pool that will make you not want to leave, and it is absolutely family oriented and baby friendly. We had a great time and I can’t wait to share it with you!



Situated just 10 minutes away from Nafplio, it is far from the hustle and bustle and it doesn’t limit your options – you can go or not go to town! (If you do go, stay tuned for my travel guide).
It is a 1,5 drive from Athens, so even if you travel with young twins, you can even come here for a night.
Last but not least, it is near but not in Pyrgiotika village, so it is secluded and quiet, surrounded by an orange garden and lush green hills – the perfect nature getaway!

Family Oriented

Hotel Perivoli is made for families. It is 100% accessible, there are at least 2 baby seats available at the restaurants, baby cots available on demand and a has-it-all kids menu (that our twins loved), that even includes a daily baby food option! There are also toys for babies, toddlers (we were even allowed to bring them to our room), kids and adults at the living room.
My favorite part though is that the rooms located next to the swimming pool have balconies with openings, which means that you can sunbathe while the baby is napping, and be able to go to it the moment you hear it!

The Restaurant

Traveling with our twins has taught us that we should stay in hotels with their own restaurant. Why? So that we can have lunch the minute we get there, as we travel right after breakfast, which means that by the time we arrive, we are all hungry and with no time to waste looking for a baby friendly place to eat in town. So, we check-in at Hotel Perivoli, settled down and headed one floor down to the restaurant, sat the babies on the high chairs and took the menu on our hands. We were very glad to see that there is a kids menu and that the dishes are visually stunning and the food marvelous. So much that the next day we left Nafplio to be at the hotel in time for lunch!

I recommend the falafal burger, the goges pasta (local and homemade), the veggie souvlaki and the dish of the day. Salads and starters are also made from local, fresh and high quality ingredients. While desserts are always fresh, since only the dessert of the day is available. Plus ice cream 😉 I also tried and highly recommend the pasta salad with avocado, celery, tuna, corn and pesto sauce from the “to-bite” menu, which also includes pizza, hot-dog and lots of love!



There are 12 comfortable and contemporary rooms at Hotel Perivoli, 6 οn the lobby floor next to the living room and bar with great views to the pool, the village and the hills, even the sea. And another 6 on the swimming pool floor next to the restaurant. There is also a two-room apartment that offers great privacy, direct access and cozy views to the farm, a kitchen and a secluded patio great for some unwinding. 


Our days here were beautifully spent with strolls around Nafplio (stay tuned for the article), laying by the pool, playing at the living room, walking around the farm at sunset. There is also a chapel right across the hotel, as well as hiking trails that start from here. A walk around Pyrgiotika village is also a good idea, to visit the picturesque churches. At night, we enjoyed our drinks at the bar overlooking the full moon casting its magic light at the romantic building!
Epidavros and Mycenae archeological sites are 22 and 24 kilometers away respectively, so plan your stay accordingly.


If you (have kids), love nature, want your peace and quiet, adore good food and high hospitality and are interested in visiting Nafplio (which is by the way one of 3 most beautiful towns in Greece), Hotel Perivoli is my top recommendation!


* This article is written after our hosted stay in Hotel Perivoli. All opinions are my own.
** This article contains affiliate links




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