Our Experience at Eumelia Farm

Eumelia is an organic farm situated around 3 and a half hours drive from Athens, 1 hour from Sparta town, 40 minutes away from Gytheio town and 2 hours from Kalamata International Airport. It is right in the heart of Laconia region, famous for its sandy beaches, tortoises, oranges and olive groves. The nearest village is 15 minutes away and the nearest asphalt road is 5 minutes away. Eumelia is “hidden” in a prairie of olive trees and red sand, totally in line with the local architecture and in harmony with its natural environment.

The estate is vast, rich in greenery and natural forests. There are just 6 buildings here: the lounge area with a sitting room, dining room and a multi-purpose room where seminars take place. This is where the farm-to-table dinners are served every night. As well as 5 equal houses, in one of which Fragkiskos and Marilena live, with their two kids, 5 year old Jason and 2 year old Orpheus. All 6 buildings are on the ground floor and accessible, within the olive grove, next to the farm/”super market” which gives the family and the guests everything they need for their vegetarian, all organic meals: vegetables, fruits and seeds, olive oil and wine they make themselves. Eumelia farm is also cruelty free, with eggs, pasta and dairy supplied by neighboring producers.

How is life in Eumelia?

We love farms, and have stayed in plenty around the world. Ever since we became parents, sustainability has been a top priority when choosing accommodation. And organic products is luckily an option in Athens too. So when we were invited to stay in Eumelia for a couple of nights, we were thrilled. Mostly because what this family is doing is pretty unique in Greece and I knew we would enjoy their company, as well as our farm stay.
We talked a lot with the couple and found out we share a lot of the same ideas on parenting: raising our kids bilingual (both their kids know and speak English), breastfeeding, co-sleeping, baby led weaning, organic food and free play are just some of them.
Having stayed in a house just like theirs in eumelia, I can also say that we were very comfortable too, as the family makes sure to offer their visitors the same amenities and facilities they too enjoy in their every day life to make their routine easier.

A family who decides to stay here for longer than we did, to remote work, homeschool their kids and learn from nature, will be hence very very comfortable. To begin with, monthly rent is different and you can see more about that here.
Also, all 5 houses are detached, on the ground floor, with windows all over. They have a front yard with a huge picnic table, one living area with a fireplace, a fully equipped kitchen with state-of-the-art cutlery and appliances, a bedroom and a bathroom with a spacious, everybody is invited, walk-in shower.  You can wash your clothes in the extra sink, dry them in the evening sun and separate your waste into the recycle and the organics, which you can feed the ducks with.

A family who stays here can enjoy the fruits of nature, learn about the local flora and fauna both within the farm and through hiking tours in the surrounding trails. You can participate in wine making in September, learn about olive harvest, olive oil making or soap making. Salut the sun on your provided yoga mat every morning and jog around the farm every evening. Your kids will learn how to weed and dig and water the plants as part of play. And will be in nature, safely and freely all day long, eating clean and organic, straight from the farm, and living a screen-free life. You won’t even have to bring toys with, as the family’s kids will be happy to share theirs with your kids and show them around the farm.



Travel around Eumelia

Eumelia is located in a truly blessed land and staying here, you’ll have the opportunity to really explore Laconia region and its beauties. Elafonissos’s sandy beaches are 2 hours away, the quite beach town of Kyparissi just 1 hour away, while Mani peninsula and its wild nature is just over an hour away.
But Laconia is not just beaches; People have lived here for thousands of years and traveling around here is a great educational experience for parents and kids alike. From the prehistoric settlement in Pavlopetri and ancient Sparti, to the famous medieval town of Monemvasia,  the byzantine castle of Mystras (as well as Geraki from the same time) and all the way to modern history, seen in the characteristic maniot towers in Mani peninsula – all these amazing monuments of important bygone eras are around an hour away from eumelia.
Did I mention the traditional villages and all the trails in forests and gorges you can explore if you stay here longer?

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