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Naxos is big amount families who visit Greece and for good reason. It’s easy to get to from Athens, it has an airport, it’s a large island with lots to do and with gorgeous beaches. The food is amazing too! We’ve gathered intel from local moms and this is what they recommend:


Ideal time to visit

The tourist season starts during Greek Easter and lasts all the way to mid October. Mid May to mid June is perfect to visit, as well as end of August till around the 20th of September. This is when the weather is better (usually) and you can enjoy the sea. It’s a lot less busy then compared to July-August, hence finding parking and where to eat is easier. It’s also cheaper to stay and rent a car during that time.


How to get here

You can reach Naxos by ferry, from Peireaus or Rafina ports (near Athens) or from nearby islands. During high season, there are several ferries per day, as well as the fast ferries. You can also fly here from Athens Airport.


How long you should stay on Naxos

Naxos is a large island, the largest of Cyclades. 4-5 days are enough to enjoy Naxos with no rush. You’ll need a car, because buses are scarce.


Beaches for families

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Beaches and food are the two things you’ll definitely enjoy on Naxos. Naxos beaches are mostly sandy, many are organized, but there’s always abundant free spots.
The one beach closer to Naxos Town which you can reach on foot in Agios Georgios. It’s ideal for tots, as the waters are shallow and warm, with light sand. It’s both private and free, but also quite busy.
Some of the best beaches on the island, 10-20 minutes from Town by car, with crystal clear water, free & private, are found at the south-east part of the island. Agios Prokopios, Agia Anna, Plaka, to name a few. They are protected from the wild north winds that are well-known around Cyclades in August. But when the winds are south, you should avoid them. Further south, you’ll find Mikri Vigla and Kastraki beaches, which are quiet and off the beaten path.
There are plenty more beached on Naxos to choose from depending on when you’re staying. The one closest to central Naxos is Ayassos, free and pristine. Up north, the fish village Apollonas will wow you, with its quaint taverns and pretty beach, ideal when the winds are south or when it’s not windy at all.


Naxos food

Most taverns and restaurants here serve fresh food from local ingredients, such as meat, cheese, potatoes (Naxos is famous) and of course fresh fish.
The restaurants we recommend below are ideal for families, as they have backyars or are not located roadside.
At “Elliniko” in Naxos Town, the kids will get colors and paper to draw till the food is served, and there’s also a large yard.
“Doukato” is located at the foot of Old Town and is surrounded by a pretty garden. The food is local, meat based.
“Meze Meze” is located on the beach road of Naxos Town which is pedestrianized in the evernings. It’s perfect for seafood.
You’ll find plenty of taverns in the villages, too. Locals recommend “Axiotissa”, “Tou Vasilarakiou” (Kinidaros), “Paravas” (Chalki), “Platanos” (Filoti), “Amorginos” (Apeiranthos).


Where to stay

There are of course plenty of options. Locals recommend hotels located on the famous beaches (Agios Prokopios, Agia Anna, Plaka), to be close to the sea and to avoid driving long distances daily, as parking is difficult. Also, those beaches are near Naxos Town.
They also recommend an apartment in the heart of the island, in a village. Getting around the rest of the islands as well as to the beaches will be relatively easy by car.

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Activities for families

Not as many options. There are a few recently renovated playgrounds, mainly in Naxos Town. There are also new playrooms (Play Story and Nobell 22, both in Naxos Town).
We also recommend “Kafeneio ton Filon”, 10 minutes from Naxos Town at the village of Galanado. There’s a large garden with toys for the kids, where parents can take in the views, enjoy coffee and greek souvlaki!
In Stelida area you’ll also find Aqua Fun Water Park.


Day trips and daily cruises

You’ll have to visit icon Portara in the port, as well as Old Town or Kastro, both not stroller friendly, but worth it.
The villages in the heart of Naxos are also worth a visit, such as Galanado, Kinidaros, Chalki, Filoti and Apeiranthos.
There are also archeological sites that older kids might find interesting, such as the Temple of Demetra in Sagri, Yria the sanctuary of god Dionysus, the Kouros at Flerio, the Apollon, byzantine chapels etc.
For longer stays, we definitely recommend a daily cruise to Small Cyclades, the tiny islands of Donousa, Schinousa, Iraklia and Koufonisi. They’re gorgeous, with crystal clear waters, sandy beaches and one village each!


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