Nafplio Greece with Kids

Nafplio Greece with toddlers is an ideal short trip from Athens, while the town is unquestionably one of the prettiest in the country and the perfect spring destination, too!

Walk Around Town

We’ve been to Nafplio once as newlyweds and now with our 18 month old twin boys. We love to walk and navigate our way through towns and Nafplio happens to be stroller friendly, too. The huge parking space right outside the Old Town makes it easy to explore and with these 5 itineraries you’ll get to see the best of it.
Itinerary 1: Walking along the port is a short itinerary, but a classic one nonetheless. We ended up enjoying a cup of coffee watching the sea around Bourgi island and the mountains on the background.
Itinerary 2: There are boats leaving from the port that take you to Bourgi island fortress. It takes around 10 minutes to get there and you can even do it with kids or babies/toddlers in a carrier.
Itinerary 3: At the end of the port, right after the playground, there is a seaside pathway offering one of the best strolls in Greece. Breathtaking rocks on your left, an eerie sea on your right with a clear view to the mountains of Peloponnese makes for a perfect scenery. And, after walking through the cave formations, seeing Palamidi castle perched on the rocky hill ahead was the perfect ending to this romantic itinerary.
Itinerary 4: On our first trip here, we drove to Palamidi. On our second trip, I really wanted to walk up the 1000 stairs, even with the babies in our carriers, but it would  have taken forever and we were hungry. Rain
Itineray 5: The cobblestone alleys in the Old Town of Nafplio are a must. They are stroller friendly too, romantic and take you back to another time. The cafes, bars and restaurants here are all amazing, by the way.

Nafplio Greece with Toddlers

1. The Old Town is accessible, car free and with a huge alley ideal for kids to roam free.
2. We explored 2 restaurants and cafes here, both were equipped with kids seats and the staff was really friendly.
3. Walking around the old town, along the port and the seaside pathway are all stroller friendly and quiet. Nafplio Greece with toddlers is the perfect trip!
4. There is a playground right at the end of the port, another one before the old town, as well as an amusement park right outside.
5. The fact that there is a huge parking lot right outside the old town makes it fairly easy for families to be here.
6. Fougaro is a kids space right outside the town, with an alley for kids to play right next to the cafes, with fairytale readings at the library, junior galleries and toys. The restaurant’s menu is amazing, there are kids seats and the toilet is equipped with a changing space. We liked it a lot!

Where to Eat

We were lucky to have found 3 spaces that were both stunning, with delicious food and baby friendly. There are many options, but we recommend Fougaro (see above), 360 grill restaurant, Liatero, Kanakarakis and Arapakos (Ι don’t know whether the last two are baby friendly, but the locals seem to prefer them).

Where to Stay

We stayed at Hotel Perivoli, a country hotel & retreat with a swimming pool, just 10 minutes away from Nafplio town, and 1,5 hours drive from Athens. It is baby friendly, family oriented and the restaurant is the best. I totally recommend it if you visit Nafplio Greece with toddlers!



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