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Milos island is famous for its beaches and astonishing coastline. Its Chora is just cute – not like that of other cycladic islands. The port is rather awkward, but that small port overlooking the tiny island of Kimolos is so gorgeous that it will make it up for anything else. The inland is rather tasteless, with lots of trucks working on the volcanic stones all the time.
Dreamista in Milos
But all the charm Milos is missing from its inland, it has on beaches, sea and sun. And actually, the food is amazing anywhere you go, too. Really tastefull, bringing graciously together gourmet mediterranean flavors with cycladic locality.

We spent 5 days in Milos and my top 5 suggestions are just a scroll down away and 25 photos away!


Make sure you book early, because there aren’t that many options and the island is pretty popular among the Greeks. Check family accommodation here.


Family Friendly
Yes and No. The best beaches are hard to get to, some even impossible, and the easily accessible ones are not that nice. The harbour area is not kid friendly either, because of the traffic and the daily cruise around the island, which is a must, might be boring for children, unless they are fearless. But the island is budget friendly, food is great everywhere, Chora is kid friendly and awesome and there are small fish towns that can make a dreamy family spot.



While you’re in Milos island…


1. Take a daily cruise around the island

That’s actually the best way to see where each beach is located, but also to discover beaches that you can’t drive or walk to. Bring your mask, as snorkelling is an amazing experience in the green waters of Kleftiko.
If you have more time, a daily cruise to cute Kimolos island is also a must.

Dreamista in Milos Dreamista in Milos Dreamista in Milos Dreamista in Milos Dreamista in MilosDreamista in Milos


2. Hike to Milia beach

Though short, this hike is rather tough, especially with the wind on your back. But it led us to one of the most magical spots in Greece: this beach formed by a rock collapsing in the sea, creating a scenery not to be missed and a secluded beach just for us!

Dreamista in Milos Dreamista in MilosDreamista in MilosDreamista in MilosDreamista in Milos


3. Go Beach hopping

Tsigrado, Firiplaka, Agia Kyriaki… Just put your finger on the map and go. All beaches in Milos are one of a kind, with crystal clear waters and amazing snorkelling opportunities.

Dreamista in Milos Dreamista in Milos


4. Enjoy the sunset from Chora

A walk in Chora before the sun goes down is utterly romantic. A hike up the church to the sunset view point is a bit tiring, but oh so rewarding!
Dreamista in MilosDreamista in Milos Dreamista in Milos


5. Visit Sarakiniko

A one of a kind place, Sarakiniko is like a lunar field overlooking the Aegean blue. The white rock formations are breathtaking, and while there’s not actual beach, the water is shallow and you can forget the idea of any kind of shadow, you kind of HAVE to witness it – if only just for a walk.

Dreamista in Milos IMG_0394 Dreamista in MilosDreamista in Milos Dreamista in Milos


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