Laconia & Messinia: where to stay with kids

Laconia and Messinia are two areas in the southern Peloponesse, known for the rich history, their amazing coastline and some unique natural wonders. This is why they are two of the most popular destinations in Greece for Greeks and foreigners alike. They’re never over crowded. Messinia is at its best in May, June and September and Laconia all year long.


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A year round destination, Laconia is perfect for road trips, traditional village spotting (Charia, Vathia, Areopoli, Limeni, Old Oitylo…), swimming in azure waters in magic coves (Alypa, Gerolimenas, Mezapos…) and for its local cuisine and wild scenery, unlike anywhere in Greece.


Where to stay

In West Mani, the old castles in cobblestone alleys will wow you, that’s why we’ve found a family friendly stay in one of them!
In Mesa Mani, near Gytheio, there’s one of the very few authentic agrotourism stays in Greece, which happens to be family ran and oriented as well.

Historic Arapakis Castle: Probably the only restored traditional Maniot castle that is not only safe for kids, Arapakis Castle also has a playground, kids books supplied by us at Family Hotels Greece, lovely breakfast and accommodation in spacious, fully equipped apartments, including a restored Mill, a restored Oil Machine and a restored Tower.

Hotel Pandora: Built right next to Arapakis Historic Castle and with respect to the local architecture and natural environment, Hotel Pandora offers accommodation in luxurious 1 or 2 bedroom, fully equiped apartments, some with direct access to the garden and the playground. Sea views and proximity to a lovely pebble beach, as well as the Diros cave are a lovely extra.

Chara HousesThis is the perfect spot to enjoy some beach time in Mani. Chara Houses are located right on Kalamakia beach at the quiet Skoutari bay, minutes south from Gytheion town. Of course you can explore while here, but there are amazing taverns within walking distance, free kayak at the property and there’s an umbrella and sunbeds on the beach with your room number on them!

Eumelia Organic Farm: There’s so much I want to say about eumelia. That it’s 25 minutes away from the nearest beach. That some of the most important sites of the country are close by (Mystras, Monemvasia). I can talk about its lovely decor and that it’s half board. But the most important feature of eumelia is that here you and your kids will get closer than ever to nature. Eumelia’s approach is cruelty free, eco friendly and 100% organic. The farm to table experiences, the way it was built and is ran exclusively based in what nature offers and the farm itself will help you reduce your carbon footprint just by staying here. Did I mention it’s family ran and family oriented?

Ilaeira Mountain ResortIdeally located to explore Taygetos mountain, hike its trails, enjoy its nature, visit Mystras (on foot, if you’d like), even visit Mani on longer car rides, Ilaeira is also perfect if you want to just stay put. There’s a swimming pool, kids pool, playground, restaurants, toys, bicycles for free, as well as spacious family residences for fun in and out of the room, in and out of the resort.




Kalamata and Methoni are the towns we recommend if you’re visiting with kids. They have everything you’ll need, from beaches and restaurants, to hospitals and monuments.


Where to stay

We recomment fully equipped apartments and villas, since you’re probably coming here for your summer, so you’ll need plenty amenities.


Methoni’s Finest Luxury Villas: This is where we stayed on our first summer with twin babies, in one of these luxury and budget friendly luxury villas right outside of Methoni. There’s a swimming pool here, a snack bar and a cute olive grove. The villas are all baby ready, spacious and fully equipped.

Traditional Guest House Liodentra: Perfect for large families, the estate features a playground, private pool and is right on the beach near charming Kardamyli village. Liodentra also provides its guests with fruit and breakfast baskets and there are sunbeds with your name on them on the beach.

Old Sport Mansion: Near the beach at Mantineia, a small seaside town close to Kalamata, Old Sport Mansion is ideal for families with 2-4 kids or for families traveling together. It features a large lush garden with playground, toys and a mini open air cinema, as well as a playroom, large sitting areas inside and outside and breakfast at a nearby hotel.

Chamaloni Guesthouses: Right on Finikounda bay, close to the International Airport of Kalamata and some of the best sandy beaches in Greece, Chamaloni features traditional fully equipped family cottages and lots for families to do. From yoga and farm to table meals, to playground, cooking, bicycles and toys/books, no one ever gets tired of coming back here.










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