Karpenissi Greece With Kids

There’s no inland destination in Greece I could recommend more than Karpenissi. Not only is it pretty close to Athens, where you’ll probably be landing. It is also home to probably one of the most family friendly guesthouses we’ve ever stayed at. Ninemia Stay & Play is situated in an idyllic location next to the river and it features so many amenities and facilities for kids, that you’ll be all pleasantly entertained and relaxed throughout your stay.



Good To Know

Karpenissi town is the capital of Evritania perfection and it’s located around 3 and a half hours away from Athens. And in that town you can find everything you’ll need. But you’ll also find cuteness and quaintness like no other.
Karpenissi however can also refer to the whole surrounding area, along the river and right below Kaliakouda mountain top. Hence, every village and stop mentioned in this article. Karpenissi is therefore a mountainous area in Sterea Ellada (part of Greece) with picturesque villages, idyllic nature, amazing food and low temperatures throughout the year.



When to visit

I always recommend visiting the mountains of Greece during Spring. This is when the weather is at its best, so you can enjoy dining outside, but also really explore, as the rivers and waterfalls are rich, because of all the winter rainfall. Summer is also a great option, when people gather to the beaches, the mountains offer alternative tourism away from the hustle and bustle. Summer is also ideal for hiking, because locals have had the time to fix any damages in the trails and there’s no mud. This is also true for early Autumn, before the rainfall starts again. Karpenissi sees much snow in the winter, so it’s the perfect time to get cozy in a warm guesthouse.



What to do with kids


Science Fun Park “The Newton Park”

With just a 6€ admission, you can enjoy the unique wonder “The Newton Park“, the one and only educational theme park in Greece. With busy boards and a baby corner, sandbox with “real” diggers, bumble making and pots and pans to make music, a huge pirate ship with slides, zip line and so many Physics related games, there’s something for every age. The Newton Park is located on a green estate right next to Karpenissiotis river and it also features a barn with farm animals.
Find it 7 kilometers after Karpenissi town, right on the highway and next to the aforementioned Ninemia Stay & Play. If you are staying here, you can also visit The Newton Park every day for free.

Saloon Park

There’s a train for rides in natures, a zip line, canoe for kis, horse riding etc.


The most kid friendly trails are:

Black Cave gorge: Right next to Proussos monatstery and before Panta Vrehei canyon.

Mylokalanos trail: In Megalo Horio. Friendly, fenced, next to a stream with waterfalls.

Chestnust forest in Agia Paraskevi: Only 250 m. away from Agios Nikolaos square.

Kefalovryso park: Between Karpenissi and Agios Nikolaos. Picnic area in nature.


Other nature activities

Look for canoe/kayak centers, if the season (and covid) allows it.



Short trips

All villages around here are very cute. Stone-built, well-put, with picturesque squares and cozy little food corners.

Agios Nikolaos: Just 20 minutes away from Ninemia Stay & Play. A central square, food options, a beautiful chestnut forest.

Klafsio: It’s the village you’ll see looking uber cute perched on the hill right across from Ninemia Stay & Play. Worth a visit for its church.

Karpenissi: Small town, the capital of the area. It has everything, from restaurants and playgrounds, to convenient stores and drug stores and it’s just 10 minutes away from Ninemia Stay & Play.

Megalo Horio: It literally means “Large Village”, but it’s not large. Definitely lush and quaint though, with cute taverns, great views, a river, chapels…

Neo Mikro Horio:
This literally means “New Small Village” and it’s indeed small, greener though, but tough to walk around as it’s not car free.

Palaio Mikro Horio: This literally means “Old Small Village” and it’s my favorite. The church and the fresh water running from the stone wall in the square are all lovely, so are the food options.

All three are just 8 to 12 minutes away from Ninemia Stay & Play.

40 minutes away from Ninemia, lies this famous monastery, perched on a rock right in the canyon, as well as the village and two canyon trails, Black Cave and Panta Vrehei (this one literally means “Always raining”).

Fidakia: Now this actually means “Little Snakes” and it’s named because to get there, the road literally twirls and turns like a snake for 45 minutes. The view to the lake also reminds me of a snake:



Where to eat

Karpenissi: Many lovely options here.

Agios Nikolaos: Fresh meat in the taverns around the square.

Megalo Horio: Everybody will recommend “Agios Athanasios” tavern, as it’s on a green estate with a playground.

Mikro Horio: So many choices here as well.

Palaio Mikro Horio: In “Stin Poli” serves gourmet dishes with specialty ingredients from all over Greece, all under 10€. The wine is top too.



Where to stay

We heard about Ninemia Stay & Play from every parent we know, ever since we had kids. Some of them actually go every year or several times a year, as they feel it’s like their nature cabin. It is indeed the perfect place to relax and unwind and let your kids play unattended. There’s a farm here and we got to feed the animals, a barn with smaller animals, a theme park, an accessible playground, play area in the cafe and a play corner in every apartment. A zip line, volley ball alley, football court, bicycles for free use, bbq, trampoline and the list goes on and on. If you have a baby, you don’t even need to bring your stroller, as it’s provided too. The apartments are all equipped with a kitchen, bouncer, travel cot and high chair for the baby, as well as plastic cutlery. Last but not least, upon request, there’s even a pedagogue available to creatively entertain your kids. Don’t forget to check for any special workshops that take place occasionally here, too.







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