How to choose family accommodation in Greece

This article can help you navigate through the different kinds of family friendly accommodation you can find around Greece. Which is the best one for your family?



Types of accommodation

There are several different types of accommodation depending on the location.


Villas with breakfast or self-catered

These are very common on the islands , but there are several self catered chalets as well. They are large houses in a private estate, which you can rent as a whole or share.
Pros: there is abundance of space, which makes them ideal choices for large families or families traveling together and sharing cost of accommodation. They have parking spaces, kitchen, gardens, usually swimming pools and can be well equipped for kids. Many offer concierge service and are conveniently located.
Cons: most don’t offer breakfast or other meals, although a chef can easily be arranged in some or a visit to a nearby hotel or cafe during breakfast is pretty easy. They’re usually not budget friendly, though some we recommend are and the rest are large enough to share with friends.

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Hotel apartments or houses

You can find them in hotels or estates all around the country. Their main characteristic is that they have a small sitting area or separate bedroom, some even feature a kitchenette or a fully equipped kitchen. They are located within a hotel or agrotourism.
Pros: Most offer breakfast and some even are half board. Some may be very large apartments, ideal for bigger families.
Cons: The ones with both kitchen and breakfast are the favorite type of accommodation for my family, so I can’t think of anything remotely negative to write at the moment!

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Hotel rooms

These are part of boutique hotels; small hotels with beautiful design, breakfast and usually a great location.
Pros: they offer breakfast, some have pools and/or playground, they are usually conveniently located.
Cons: they tend to be small rooms, with no sitting area, hence not suitable for families. However, the hotels we recommend always have spacious rooms.

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Usually separate houses, small villas, eco houses or chalets in an estate or a garden.
Pros: they’re spacious, with separate bedrooms, sitting area, outside area, plenty of space to play. Some even offere breakfast.
Cons: They tend to be remotely located, but that’s not the case for all similar properties we recommend.

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What to look for in a property

Parking: This is especially important if you’re looking to road trip around the country.

Playground/play area: For kids from 12 months to 10 years old, these are their reason to travel.

Garden: Parents need to feel safe when their kids play at a new location and hotels with gardens are ideal.

Meals: Breakfast in mandatory, but having an extra meal provided or bought is perfect.

Hotel amenities you’ll need when traveling with babies & kids



Location is key

Near or on the beach: Not needing the car or bus to head to the beach with little ones and the whole family’s beach equipment is the best feeling in the world.

Near the airport: When looking for your final stay before heading back home after a road trip around Greece, we recommend you pick a location near the airport. It could be in Athens, Kalamata, Thessaloniki or any of the major islands.

Near transportation, ideally in the city centre: When picking accommodation in a city, make sure you stay dowtown, near major sights and eateries and of course near public transport that can help you explore further.

Easily accessible by car: Driving in a foreign country with kids has its challenges of course, but driving for hours and hours on end to get to your accommodation is less than ideal. Pick a hotel that is near the highway.



I hope this article helps you choose the right accommodation for you and your family on your next trip to Greece!




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