Hotel amenities you’ll need when traveling with babies & kids

What to look for or what to ask for from a hotel, villa or b&b when traveling with babies and/or kids.


Travel/baby cot

Some of you can pack one and go, some of us need two, which makes packing, carrying and traveling a whole more difficult when traveling with little ones. We always required two travel cots when our twins were under 3 years old. Therefore I’ve made sure all properties recommended in this website have them too. Such as Methoni’s Finest:


Some baby equipment

The below photo shows a changing board, yes! And we found it waiting for us on one of the baby cots at Daphne’s Club Hotel Apartments. Our backs really appreciated this amenity. At the same hotel, we also found protection for the plugs, plastic cutlery and we had high chairs everywhere, including our apartment. Those were all nice to have, although most are easy to pack and carry. But I still do respect hotels that go that extra mile for parents with babies.


High chairs

We used to have harnesses and portable plastic chairs that we took everywhere. Carrying them took a toll on our backs and had us pack less, to fit everything in the car. So we always appreciated hotels that had plenty of high chairs. We also came to love one particular villa (that you can book with a 10% off) that didn’t have any when we got there, but magically they brought us two, less than two hours later – and from then on, they are always fully equipped for you and your babies!


Baby meals

Those 4 months after the twins started solids and before they started eating with their hands our own food were not a blast travel wise, to say the least. During that time, we always called the hotels and asked whether there’s a kitchen and if that kitchen prepares baby meals. One that does have that option is listed here.


Kids menu

The quarantine affected everyone differently, but my kids the same when it came to food: they stopped eating things they used to love. Since then, we actively look for hotels whose restaurant has a kids menu, to make sure our fuzzy eaters don’t ask for ice cream because they hadn’t had anything for dinner. Rivari Hotel in Santorini has a kids menu and we love it for this – among others.



This is something we used to ask from the villas we stayed at until the kids were 12 years old, by that time, for their fruit snack. Methoni’s Finest Luxury Villas had a brand new one waiting for us!


Kids cutlery

We love this amenity! We did when they were babies and we still do, as they tend to be clumsy and some things end up on the ground. We loved the kids menu at Daphne’s and how it was served in plastic, colorful cutlery.


Garden (with playground and/or toys)

A playground is a great plus, but a garden is usually enough for us and our kids, ever since they are not babies anymore. We really appreciated both at Ilaeira recently and we can’t forget the huge green area at Ninemia either.



This is something we don’t easily find, apart from board games of course, which our kids finally can play with, as we found out recently at our stay at Ilaeira Mountain Resort.




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