Farm To Table Gastronomy With Kids

One of the most precious gifts a kid can get is an experience. And unless you already live in a farm, a unique experience for a family is definetely a farm stay. Where kids get to stay close to nature, feed farm animals, eat fresh food they’ve probably helped cook or whose ingredients they got to pick from the hotel’s garden. A farm to table experience will teach kids appreciate food, will help them love fruits and vegetables and maybe bring them into the kitchen and closer to your cooking. One of the hotels we stayed at in the past months offered this exeperience, the farm to table one. And of course this is one of the reasons we include it in our pages:




Farm to table in Eumelia

Eumelia organic agrotourism farm is situated in Laconia, between Sparta and Gytheio towns. 5 eco-houses in a vast olive grove, with trees calling this place home for centuries. Eumelia produce their own extra virgin olive oil, as well as wine. Their kitchen is 100% vegetarian, with fruits and vegetable being 100% organic and coming from their own farm. You will pick them with the kids in the morning and will enjoy them at the agrotourism dinner the same night and the next morning at breakfast. You can also attend a cooking class, to learn the secrets of Greek cuisine and vegetarian cooking. Kids will get to taste cherry tomatoes and cucumbers straight from the plant, pasta with tomato sauce from tomatoes they picked themselves. And of course you’ll all taste 3 different extra virgin olive oil varieties, during the olive oil tasting performed by Marilena.

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Straight from the farm breakfast at Hotel Pandora & Arapakis Historic Castle

The two boutique hotels at Haria village in Mani offer accommodation in traditional Maniot towers and spacious houses. They also offer farm to table breakfast, utterly traditional and very healthy. The main ingredients come from Arapakis farm in Gytheion town, to be transformed into local delicacies in the hotels’ kitchen. Kefalotyri and haloumi cheeses, fresh yogurt are prepared by the ownder, fresh organic eggs for your omelettes are collected in the farm, as well as the vegetables and of course the fruits in the homemade marmelades (orange, berry, fig) and in the fresh juices.

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Fresh homemade food at Chamaloni

Chamaloni Guesthouses are located not far from eumelia, at the blessed area of Messinia. Green and warm year round, Messinia also boasts some amazing coast line, with few of the best sandy beaches in the country. Chamaloni is situated right on Finikounda bay, at a large olive grove estate with farm, yoga platform, playground and lots for kids to do. Among which are cooking lessons! The food served in Chamaloni 3 times a day is local, with a twist. The ingredients are either grown in the Chamaloni farm or brought to the kitchen by nearby gardens who all grow their own fruits and vegetables.

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