Family Stay at a Traditional Maniot Tower

Mani is very different than anywhere else in Greece. Such a unique piece of land, where stone and dust desert give their way to the deep blue sea. Its remoteness helped keep this place intact from outside influences and its architecture remained pure and historical. Everything is built with the local stone, preserving the local style of tall, proud towers traditional in Mani, standing alone or in stone-built villages, inland or by the sea. Tiny chapels overlook the ocean, little coves with emerald waters are a sight for sore eyes, and together with the remote villages make for a unique journey, one back in time and one in a place that’s quiet and loud with history at the same time.


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Arapakis Historic Castle

Western Mani will wow you with its cobblestone alley villages and the local Maniot towers, that’s why we’ve found a family friendly stay in one of those villages AND in one of these towers! Arapakis Historic Castle is situated at Charia village, just 5 minutes from Areopoli town and Limeni fish village, all three are stunning, stone built and charming samples of the local architecture.
Just 1,5 kilometres away lies the magnificent Diros cave which you can explore only in a small boat. This cave was actually discovered by Arapakis himself over 200 years ago, when the tower was built. Diros cave and the adjacent beach can be reached on foot or on a horse – ask the concierge.


Probably the only restored Maniot tower that is made suitable for families, Arapakis Historic Castle offers breakfast, has a playground and can accommodate large families in fully equipped, luxurious apartments with kitchens that feature Smeg appliances, sitting areas with fire places, large dining tables and comfortable bathrooms.


All apartments are in the old, fully restored building, which used to be a family house, so it’s full of history throughout. Some of the family apartments are historic, as you can actually stay in the Mill, the Olive Press (with a real life old olive oil press in the living area) or in the Tower itself.


Some of the apartments have 2 bedrooms, while all of them have an outside area, a private patio or a veranda with views to the towers or the sea.



Our stay at Arapakis Historic Castle with our kids in the summer of 2021 was definitely one of the most unique we’ve ever had. We had a comfortable stay in the Mill, which features a spacious sitting area with fireplace, a double sofa bed, a kitchen and dining area, lots of memorabilia on the walls, a separate bedroom with a loft and a lovely outside area with a view to the tower and access to the historic building.

Experience a unique stay at Maniot tower



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