Family Road Trip in Central Greece

Central Greece is probably a part of the country you’ve never thought of exploring, especially with kids. Family friendly Karpenissi and the centre of activities aka Zagori mountain will make you think otherwise.



Ninemia Stay & Play

The whole area of Karpenissi has done a lot to create spaces for families and activities friendly for little ones. Apart from the epic trails and stunning monasteries, you can enjoy picnics in the forest, spend time in newly built playgrounds and have the time of your life at Saloon, with horses, sip lines, kid friendly kayaking and more.

Staying at Ninemia Stay & Play will make your trip here a memorable experience, as it’s the most family friendly mountain resort in Greece. Featuring a theme park, ponies, train rides, playgrounds, farm animals, snack bar, playroom and play areas in all guest houses, you can see why!



Meteora Unesco site, Plastira Lake, Agrafa mountains

Montanema Handmade Village

This is by far our favorite area to explore. Meteora is a one of a kind site, with rock formations standing proud miles off the ground and monasteries perched on their tops. Plastira is a man-made lake where you can enjoy tons of activities. And the Agrafa mountains are mostly unexplored, off the beaten path and oh so eerie!

Our stay in October 2020 at this Handmade Village in a gorge right in the heart of the mountains was truly memorable. There’s a farm, organized hikes for families, experts to play with the kids while parents enjoy the nature-based spa, the food is farm-to-table and locally foraged and the hospitality is warm, in stone-built luxurious houses with breathtaking views.





Aristi Mountain Resort

No matter our kids’ age, we always go back here. We love strolling in the car-free cobble-stone alleys of old villages, exploring byzantine bridges and old chapels. We adore the food, the river, the hiking trails, the idyllic nature. We also enjoy canoeing, horse riding and all kinds of activities offered here, when the weather allows it.



Why not just choose one of those when you can visit both?



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