Family Friendly Ilaeira Mountain Resort

Majestic and stunning, Taygetos mountain is about 3 hours drive from Athens; and perched in its lush hills is Ilaeira Mountain Resort, one of the most comfortable and beautiful resorts we’ve ever stayed at with kids.


Ilaeira Mountain Resort is named after Ilaeira, the sister of Phoebe in ancient mythology. It’s a luxurious mountain resort with 17 apartments with unobstructed mountain views, all traditionally decorated, with wood dominating, bringing nature well inside.
As it’s located in the heart of Taygetos mountain, Ilaeira is ideal for hikers and families alike, looking for nature and quiet holidays away from the hustle and bustle. Even if you’re not into nature, you’ll like it here, as all outside areas are covered in flowers and fruit trees, with the buildings beautifully blending in the surroundings. Take a long breath, smell the roses, enjoy the views, relax by the pool – it’s your chance to really enjoy!



Why it is family friendly

The playground is safe and with enough shade. It also has amazing views.

There’s a kids pool and under a tree, no less. The big pool is an amazing asset too, as you won’t have to drive to have fun while here.
Let me say here that both the playground and the pool are not amenities you usually get in hotels in Greece.

Another reason why you won’t have to leave is the food. There’s amazing breakfast, a great restaurant with local cuisine, a pool bar serving cocktails, pasta and pizza and a cafe.

All family houses are spacious, with kitchens and outside and inside living areas. Some feature a separate bedroom or an attic.

There’s free parking, free bicycles for adults and kids, a library with kids book, board games, but mostly the service is warm and amazing!



Day trips from Ilaeira

You can visit Taygetos mountain, as many trails leave 3 kilometers from here. If you don’t hike, just visit the Springs of Maganiaris and Taygetos refuge.
Mani is 45 minutes away and you can visit charming villages and stunning beaches from there. Mystras archeological site is just 35 minutes away.

Bonus point: Ask a picnic basket from the concierge that you can enjoy at the Refuge or the Springs!



When to visit

Spring or Autumn for the great hikes; Winter for some snow; Summer to enjoy the pool!





* This was written after our complimentary stay in May 2022. All opinions are my own. 

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