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Greece is fully capable of offering its visitors so much beyond the typical, and often stereotypical, sea and sun holiday. Experiencing a sense of historical hospitality in Greece comes easy. With such a diverse history, it’s no wonder Greece is brimming with buildings and structures that whisper tales of the past. There is something almost seductive about staying in places that carry years of history between their walls. They are like old souls, having many layers and intriguing depths to discover. One amazing way of reviving the history of such buildings is to turn them into hotels, giving us the opportunity to experience a stay that is infused with the glory of the past. Combined with luxurious, modern day amenities which are fitting of top tier hospitality venues, here is our top family hotel to experience historical hospitality in Greece.



Kinsterna Mansion – Monemvasia, Peloponnese

For entering a Medieval fairy tale, make your way to Monemvasia, on the second leg of the Peloponnese. The region of Monemvasia dates back thousands of years with important findings belonging to the Mycenaean era. Having gone through centuries of sieges, the area is an amalgam of a diverse history, linking ancient and Medieval heritage, as well as displaying Byzantine, Venetian and Ottoman influences. Discovered somewhere around the cusp between the Byzantine and Venetian eras, the currently luxurious, fortress-manor of Kinsterna Hotel in Monemvasia, is the epitome of historical hospitality in Greece. At least 350 years old, the mansion-hotel was constructed in a ‘pi’ shape, which was usual for Medieval defense structures and still retains a lot of its original charm. Remnants of history are kept alive until this day; the original cistern in the internal courtyard, the defensive canon, the hidden storage rooms are only some of the interesting architectural details featured in Kinsterna. While staying there, guests can engage in a plethora of wonderful local experiences in Monemvasia, that showcase the customs and traditions of the region.

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