Dream Hotels: Petra & Fos Boutique Hotel & Spa

The unique rocky nature of Mani in Southern Peloponnese in Greece is the ideal setting for a minimal luxury hotel like Petra & Fos near Oitylo, where we spent a relaxed vacay with our twin babies.


It is open all year round but November, it’s budget friendly compared to what’s offering and for someone who has been to Mani three times, I have to say that it’s the perfect accommodation option. But here is 8 more reasons why you should stay in Petra & Fos while you’re exploring Mani:


1. Location

Petra & Fos is a boutique hotel, just 15 minutes walk from the traditional village of Oitylo. Graciously perched on a rock on the bay, its views to the sea are epic. The sun Light (Fos) and the Rock (Petra) are indeed the elements that make it so special. The colors of both sunrise and sunset are its background, while it’s drenched in sun rays all day long. Situated on a rock and built almost entirely from the local stone, it is in perfect harmony with its natural surroundings, imitating beautifully the local, minimalist architecture and style.
The hotel is just 10 minutes drive from the town of Areopoli, 5 minutes away from the seafront village of Limeni and 3-5 minutes away from the beach of Neo Oitylo.

2. Ideal for day trips

During your stay at Petra & Fos, Stoupa beach and the quaint beach town of Kardamyli are pretty close. Even closer, you’ll find Areopoli and Limeni, which are ideal even for lunch or drinks. Also, you should explore by boat the caves of Diros and hike to Tainaro, the southernmost spot in continental Europe. Also, don’t miss a drive to Porto Cayo for a swim and fresh fish, and beautiful Gerolimenas village.
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3. The infinity pool!

The infinity pool of Petra & Fos is a good reason to book your stay and a huge reason why you’ll never want to leave. It is the ideal area to relax, to swim, to take a short break from the kiddos or enjoy your time with them. And the fact that lunch, drinks and coffee are also served here make it the perfect spot all day long.
Did I mention that its location and view will make you think you’re somewhere in the Cyclades? Possibly, Santorini?


4. Amazing cuisine

Mani’s cuisine is great on its own, and the menu in Anerousa restaurant of Petra & Fos is no exception. Add to this that one of the best known chefs in Greece is behind it, and you have a culinary experience like no other. We tried and totally recommend the quinoa stuffed tomatoes, the burger, the salmon, the pesto chicken, the Mani-style pasta, that unique moussaka and all those amazing salads.
We also suggest you enjoy your dessert at the sunset view point, your drink with a view to the pool and the sea and your breakfast at the outside area.
Breakfast is a whole other amazing story. Characterized by impeccable service, local, high-quality ingredients and traditional recipes, both sweet and savory, it is a good reason to wake up early in the morning. I loved the chalva, the tahini spread, the kayana eggs, the fresh bread and the village pies. My husband adored the cereals and the full-fat yogurt. And the babies really enjoyed their fruits, the lalaggia and the fresh eggs!

5. The Spa

Also in perfect harmony with the surrounding nature, Hioni Spa offers therapies that use pure ingredients. The Stone (Petra) rules the space, while the Light (Fos) creates the ideal relaxation setting, for you to enjoy beauty and wellness treatments.


6. Family Friendly

Petra & Fos is also friendly to families with babies. Travel cots are available in-room upon request, while baby seats are also available in the dining area. We actually had them delivered in the pool area too! Last but absolutely not least, the hotel is almost everywhere accessible for strollers.

7. The super friendly staff

While it is the decor that makes Petra & Fos so special, it is its people that will make your stay truly memorable. Everyone is super friendly and the service is excellent everywhere. Don’t hesitate to ask about the surrounding villages and recommendations on must-visit places and sights. Everyone will be pleased to have a nice chat with you!




* This article was written after my complimentary stay at the hotel with my husband and our twin babies, in September 2017.
** The article contains affiliate links.




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