Costa Navarino: The Ultimate Baby Destination

On our recent road trip to Southern Peloponnese with the twins, we stayed at Costa Navarino, in a large family suite with epic views to the Lagoon and the sunset.
We were well aware that Westin Costa Navarino is family oriented – and found out first hand that it is actually a paradise for families with babies!

And, trust me, we “took advantage” of every baby facility or service available, and had just as much fun as the twins!


The Cocoon

Cocooning, playing, napping: magic! The Cocoon & SandCastle is two-story space dedicated to kids. The Cocoon, on the first floor, is for babies from 4 months to 3 years old and consists of a play area with a soft floor, no sharp edges, and age appropriate toys (there are montessory toys in there too). There is also a play table, relaxes, baby chairs, nappy change area and a dorm with tiny little beds and cots.. While the SandCastle is for children agend 4-12 years old and is the ultimate playground for those ages. 
We actually left the twins there for 3 whole hours and got to have some time for us, the couple. It was like the third time we got to do that, so it was a precious gift. We had pre-ordered som baby food from the baby menu and the girls there fed my babies, played with them, changed their nappies and put them to bed. While at the same time we enjoyed a fabulous seafood lunch at the beachfront Barbuni restaurant with a gorgeous view to the sea. 
Read more about Cocoon and the Sand Castle here



The Baby Massage

Incredible service! It is a 25 minute long baby massage by a specially trained healer, with soft ancient greek music on the background, candle lighting and lavender scented. The treatment is basically consulting, so as the parent learn the basic principles of baby massage and can afterwards apply it on their baby – for the ultimate parent/child contact.
We booked a double, back to back appointment for our twins, who however fall asleep before we even got to the therapy room! They got really relaxed already from the darkened elevator to Anazoe Spa. Their relaxation continued with the soft ambiance, the healing music and the quietness of the reception area. But it really got to the point of no return (=napping in their strollers), in the waiting room-relaxation area, where the herbs, the music, the soft lighting and the overall decor did their job.



Baby Seats – Everywhere

Literally, everywhere and so many! And if it so happens and you won’t find one, they will deliver two for you in a minute. There were actually two of them waiting for us in our family suite!
Which means you don’t have to bring your own travel chair harness, nor do you need to go everywhere with the stroller, so that you baby has some place to sit.

Baby seats, baby food and amazing views at Barbuni restaurant!


The Buggies

Which means that you can take advantage of the buggies for your transfers around the resort with your babies and kids, unless you are up for a walk.



The Kids/Baby Menu

The Chef knows how to spoil the tiny residents. There is a baby menu with pureed food no salt (chicken/red meat with veggies or just veggies, your choice). There is also a finger food menu for baby led weaning babies or toddlers.
And if this ain’t the ultimate luxury then what is.



The Baby Pool

What an amazing idea and what a lovely area! 
The baby pool is situated right next to Cocoon and the Sand Castle, right in front of the playground and the Water Park. Where I got to play, because, why not?
The baby pool is shallow, surrounded by trees offering thick shadow and in the water there are playground games! Our twins loved it and so did we!



The Playground

Because every once in a while, babies need their mary-go-rounds. And if it’s right after the baby pool experience, the joy never ends!



The Diner

The Diner is an american style… diner next to the baby pool. It actually has a kids menu, with a good variety and is very budget friendly.
Last but certainly not least, it also serves cocktails – because no one needs alcohol more than parents do…

Signature dish at The Diner: Burger & lobster


The Lagoon

It’s the pool area next to Morias restaurant, where breakfast is served at Westin Costa Navarino.
Besides being absolutely wonderfully looking, it also has a shallow part that grows deeper and deeper, just like the beach. Light meals are also served at the pool bar. Which means that when you’ve had enough of the baby pool or crave for some adult fun in the sun or the babies are asleep in their strollers (that was our chance), go the Lagoon. 

Adult setting, but with shallow waters, so when the babies awake, they can have their share of fun with you


Babysitting Service

In-room. For when you want a moment out without the babies. I’d recommend you use it at night, after they fall asleep, so they won’t have to get used someone they’ve never seen before for such a short while. And then you go out for your cocktails! 
We preferred to put our babies to sleep and stroll them with us on our nights out. It went smoothly! But if you’re used to leaving your babies, use the sitter.


Bicycles with baby seats

There are so many amazing options available around the area to explore on a bicycle! Voidokoilia and Yalova lagoon are just two of the best. Costa Navarino Activities center is situated right behind the Cocoon. There, you could rent bicycles with baby seats or even a whole carrier (see pic below).
We felt our babies are pretty tiny to be safe enough on such an expedition, so we didn’t go for it. But once we do it at home on our bikes, we’ll come back ready!




For older kids

For preschoolers and older kiddos, there are so many more options: the shallow pools, the kids menu, the playground, the Sand Castle and the Water Park mentioned in the article are just some of them. Add the clown, kids tennis, kids bicycles, mini golf, hiking and other nature activities, even Natura Hall, where local schools visit on day trips, and you’ve got yourself the most family friendly destination ever. Moreover, “Little Archaeologists” and “Little Gardeners” are two activities that began in the Summer 2017, and will help kids ages 4-11 discover the vast history and nature of Messenia.



So don’t even consider not bringing your babies to the pool/activity/restaurant, because they won’t be bored and they won’t bother anyone. All spaces are in such a large scale that there’s distance between you and the next. However, there mostly families here and the rest residents are just so delighted to see and hear babies play!


* This article is part of a press visit to Costa Navarino with my family in September 2017.
** This article contains affiliate links.

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