Corfu Greece: things to do

In this colorful article, I’m welcoming you to lush and cosmopolitan Corfu, an island like no other. How come? 

1. Because it’s been under venetian occupation, and this italian influence can be seen in the architecture of its Chora – a cute town that will take you back in time (and maybe on a trip to Bari too). 
2. Because high-maintenance Princess Sissi chose it for her summer retreat. Corfu is therefore a greek island with a palace! 
3. It’s rainy in Corfu, which means that during the summer it’s lush like a jungle. Amazing…
4. Because the Ionian blue is more emerald here and the island hosts some of the best beaches of the country. 
5. For all local delicacies. Pastitsada, sofrito, mantolato and kumquat in any imaginable form are treats that can only be found here!
5+1 Because it’s family friendly! One of the best destinations for families in Greece, actually. The beaches are sandy, the service is impeccable, it fits all budgets and its capital is an ideal evening destination for families!

Want more reasons to visit Corfu? Browse through these 25 photos I took for you during my travels there and wait no longer till you book your trip to Corfu too!

When in Corfu, stay in a quaint villageCorfu (26) Corfu (33) Corfu (34)


Enjoy the local cuisine with a great sea viewCorfu (16)Corfu (50) Corfu (63) Corfu (60) Corfu (28)


Visit the palace of princess SissiCorfu (80) Corfu (78) Corfu (20) Corfu (22) Corfu (68)Corfu (67)


Go on at least one cruiseCorfu (11)Corfu (49) Corfu (39) Corfu (40)Corfu (35)


Snap plenty of photos…Corfu (13)


But don’t forget to take the time and rest on the beach!Corfu (84)





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