Athens With Kids

Athens might not be the easiest city to explore with a stroller, though nothing is impossible, but it also seems to have few family oriented sights in the center too. While this is not very far from the truth, the writer of this article happens to be Athens born and raised AND is raising twins in the city – so the following come from experience, trial and, of course, error!



Where to stay in Athens with kids

In the city centre

It’s easier to get around with kids if you choose to stay in the center. You’ll just use your (rented) car for beach trips and public transportation for longer commutes. But you’ll probably walk to anywhere else and that will make your stay far easier. We recommend the ultimate family friendly urban hotel, brand new Colors Hotel Athens 2 minutes walk from the heart of Athens, right next to the huge sidewalks of Panepistimiou street and 10 minutes from cozy Kolonaki area. With breakfast, travel cots, high chairs, toys and playful rooms with colorful bunk beds and nested beds, this is the perfect place to come back to after sightseeing the greek capital.  




Things to do in Athens with babies/toddlers


Accessible explorations

The historical centre: The cobble-stone streets are not that difficult to navigate with a stroller (apart maybe from Dionysiou Areopagitou street, depending on your stroller). It’s very busy though, even in the covid era. But you can always make a turn and find yourself in a quiet neighborhood in Anafiotika or Plaka to enjoy the Acropolis views without distractions.

Athens Riviera: Parents, take notes! Kavouri, Flisvos Marina, the coastal road from Faliro to Glyfada, Voula all offer great sea views, accessible walks, sunsets, food options, playgrounds. Possibly the best for kids in the whole city and accessible via tramway from the center.

Marathon: As the name states, this is where the Authentic Marathon route starts from. So it’s just 42 kilometres from the city center and you’ll get there by car. There’s a nice pedestrian road here right on the beach, perfect for strolls, bicycling or just to enjoy the beach and some sea food.


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The Stavros Niarchos Foundation: Possibly the top destination for parents in Athens. There are parks, picnic areas, family friendly cafes, libraries and activities for kids, accessibily for walks and a lovely waterfool.


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Green Park: This is in Galatsi area, a bus away from the center. It’s a huge green area to get some fresh air, there’s playground, bicycle spots, picnic areas, restaurants, cinemas.

Voulismeni Lake: You may not swim, but the green area next to the water (check if the play area is open) and the restaurant, make this the perfect small day trip for young families.


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Family friendly beaches near Athens

Glyfada: This one might not be the cleanest, but it’s sandy, organized and easily accessible from the city center.
Sounio: So many little coves here, one even has views to the Sounio ancient temple and amazing food options. It’s far from the city center, making it another perfect day trip.


Where to eat in Athens with kids

Chain restaurants: La Pasteria and TGI Friday’s always have high chairs, kids menu, some toys or colors for the kids.



If you’re looking to see some local farm animals and indigenous herbs and vegetation, we recommend

Aristi Farm: Near the Agia Paraskevi metro station. There might not be animals here, but there are kids activities and a herb area.
Donkey Land: It’s a farm where you’ll get to learn more about donkeys, meet donkeys that have survived fires or abusive bosses and get to take care of them for a while. It’s around 30 minutes by car from Athens center.
More: The rest are only accessible by car, but you’ll get to see animals, enjoy some farm to table meals and fresh air. FarmaMoo is in Pendeli mountain, To Perivoli Sti Vari is in Vari and only accessible for kids over 11 year old, The Margi Farm is in Keratea.   


The mountains of Athens

Hymettos: Covered by lush forests from Kesariani and upwards, Hymettos has countless trails in forests, a canyon, caves, even a running river. The asphalt road is also a haven for hikers, bikers and runners and parents can skip the carriers and just take the babies out for a stroll. There are even kids activities being organized at Kalopoula Hiking. 
Parnitha: Apart from Bafi which is the it point for everyone (great food, high chairs, views), our big mountain offers many hiking options with the kids in carriers. Don’t skip the funicular!



What to do with preschoolers and older kids


The Museums of Athes

Most organize activities for kids (in Greek mostly), but most stopped them due to the pandemic. They are restarting, so check their websites for details.

The Modern Art Museum is an amazing experience! Brand new and in a fun cool building, it’s also easily accessible via subway and with a parking nearby. Kids don’t pay entrance, but they would ask something from the museum shop. See more.

Toys Museum is often overlooked, but it’s in a great location, right opposite the Flisvos part mention before. It’s small and filled with toys from the antiquity till today and from many different civilizations.
Τips: Parking is easy around the building. There are some very expensive vintage toys in the museum shop. There’s an entrance fee for kids. See more.

Natural History Museum in Kifiissia is by far my kids favorite. The exhibits are great, with only the dinosaur not being real. You can come here after a shopping spree in the area and then relax in the shadow of the 3 cafes located in the estate, while the kids play safely around you.
Tips: For more click here. The kids pay an entrance fee. The museum shop is great. There’s a parking place just across the alley, but it’s also 10 minutes walk from the train station.

National Gallery. Another cool new building in the capital, also easily accessible by subway and with a parking place across the street. The exhibits are all by Greek artists, some are really famous. We loved how the collections are divided, it’s a very easy museum to get around. Read more.

Museum of Illusions. Such a great location this one, right on the cobble stone alleys of Monastiraki, so make sure to spend a day around it, walking, spotting ancient monuments, visiting the Acropolis, dining at Hard Rock Cafe, which has a kids menu.
Τips: There’s paying parking within 2 minutes, but it’s also close to the Thisseio train station. See more.

The Hellenic Children’s Museum is one easy outing. There are specialized guides to help you navigate through the exhibits and help educate kids about nutrition, shopping, road ed, cooking, refugees, painting, the human body etc.
Τips: You can get here by metro at Evangelismos station. Once here, you can also easily visit the National Gallery (just across the street), the War Museum (at the same block) and the Byzantine Museum (right next door). See more


Real fun things to do with kids in Athens

Open air cinemas: If you’re here during the summer months, this is an experience you just can’t skip. The kids movies will probably be

Allou Fun Park: It’s the largest entertainment park in the country and right next to it, you’ll find Kidom, which is 100% dedicated to younger kids and their parents and it’s guaranteed you are all going to have a blast.

Xplore Entertainment Centre: Accessible only by car, but totally worth it on a rainy day or during heatwave. There are 4 separate spaces here (perfect for kids over 4), an aquarium (Xplore Oceans), a science and human body floor (Xplore Science), an area with soft play, cart, dinosaurs, dancing, a treehouse and a maze (Xplore Adventure) and a soft play area for kids up to 5 (Xplore Play). They are all equiped with snack and coffee bars, but there’s a TGI Friday’s right outside, as well as toy stores, kids fashion and a kids hair salon on the same floor. See more.

We also loved Donkey Land and Dinosaur Park.

There’s also a Water Park and other parks we haven’t been able to explore yet, so pin this post for later!





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