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I feel a sense of relief and happiness whenever we discover hotels and accommodation in Greece that are really family oriented. Especially if they’re created with families with small kids in mind. One such guesthouse opened its doors in March 2022 in the traditional village of Lagkadia in the Peloponnese. We were invited to stay in Gileri eco & design residences in December 2022. We spent 2 nights in the Sala Residence, which I absolutely recommend for your next trip to the mountains of Greece with your kids, any month of the year!


Location of Gileri eco & design Residences

Gileri is located in the traditional village of Lagkadia, 20 km away from the locally famous Dimitsana village. Gileri, standinfg proud at the middle of this amphitheatric village, offers unobstructed views to the gorge and the lush mountain, as well as peace, quiet and privacy. The carfree neighborhood of Gileri is really safe for kids to play outside, go to the courtyard of Gileri and play at the swing.
There’s free parking available 200 metres from here (either up by the main road of the village or right below Gileri). You can then access the guesthouse from car free cobblestone alleys, among stone-built houses from the 1800s.
The main road of the village, with its picture-perfect taverns facing the gorge and its  cute little shops with traditional products, is just a 2-4 minutes walk from your residence. You’ll get there through the same alleys and wide stone steps.


Day trips from Gileri

Lagkadia village is a great starting point to explore the villages of Mainalo mountain and Arcadia Gortynia with kids. Just 20 minutes drive from picture-perfect Dimitsana village and the Water Museum, 25 minutes away from cosmopolitan Vytina village, 35 minutes from quiet and wonderful Stemnitsa village and 1 hour from beautiful Karytaina village and Papakia Farm for kids, you’ll find that staying at Gileri will make you day trips here pretty easy.

Last but not least, ancient Olympia, one of the top sites in Greece, is just 60 klm west of Lagkadia. Lagkadia is also right in the middle of the picturesque mountain route connecting Ancient Olympia to the highway that will take you to Athens.


Things to do in Lagkadia village

Having visited the above mentioned destinations with kids, pretty recently I might add, we opted to explore the traditional village of Lagkadia on this trip. It’s a village we had never been to before and we were all pleasantly surprised!
The main road is flocked with cute shops, showcasing traditional products made by local craftmen and very capable women. From rugs and clay pots to homemade marmelades and mountain herbs, don’t leave without getting a little something for back home. There are also nice cafes and two amazing taverns with great views and rural decor (“Maniatis” and Tsiahtai”).
Right below Gileri, follow the tiny trail to the School for some sense of old Greecec and great canyon views.
From the main road, follow the signs through the steep wide steps for the Gymnasium and then to the top village and the square of “Tholos” tavern, through an old font, a byzantine chapel, old historical houses and traditional stone mansions. From “Tholos”, you can keep on going to the Sunset spot and enjoy the views all the way to the Ionian Sea.



Why Gileri is family friendly

  1. We’ve been to 31 accommodations with kids in 10 countries and Gileri has been the only one that provides a toilet seat for todders. This for sure saves up a lot of space when packing and carrying!
  2. We were also happy to find kids cutlery in the fully equipped kitchen. Even though our kids are 6 now, we still use them to stay safe.
  3. An almost equally rare find were the toys, for both toddlers and small kids. The kids literally spent hours playing, starting at the first morning light…
  4. There’s a Nuna travel cot available, which I really appreciated, as this is one of the safest brands out there. I also found our favorite wooden high chairs, which I’d like to see in more hotels, as they’re safe for the environment and a family can have them for ever.
  5. Gileri features a courtyard with swing, which in the summer transforms into an outdoor sitting area for all guests. The twins loved playing here and we really enjoyed the views!
  6. There are 3 residences in Gileri, all ideal for large families, as they are spacious, with fully equipped kitchens and lovely sitting areas.
    We stayed in “Sala”, which is a two-floor two-bedroom house of 58 square metres, featuring a bathroom and restroom, stove, balcony with sitting table and can host a family of 6. “Tholoi” is also a two-floor two-bedroom house 50 square metres large, with two domes that have been trasnformed into bedrooms and can host a family of 5. Those two residences can be interconnected to host even larger families! The “Wintertime” is a family studio with a cute front yard, fireplace and a cozy area of 38 square metres that can host a family of 5.
  7. You can order breakfast! You’ll find your refridgerator and kitchen cabinets equipped with local goodies, eggs from the chickens next door, juice, milk and traditional desserts. While the kitchen provides everything you might need for your tea or coffee.
  8. Gileri is also eco-friendly, having our kids’ future in mind. There’s not much outsourcing here, with local products, local craftmen and fair trade being put first every time. All products used are according to Green Key standards, all energy saving measures have been taken and no single use products are preferred.
  9. You’ll find Netflix and Prime Video in the TV of your living room creating the perfect setting for a family movie night when it’s raining/snowing outside!




Why we recommend Gileri for families

Whenever we experience the “perfect family stay”, we feel obliged to share the experience 😉
We like having a sitting area in our accommodation, especially one with such views, so as not to only sit/rest in bed.
What’s more, we also enjoy having two bedrooms, for extra room, storage and privacy.
Even though we do not cook while traveling, we usually dine in with take-out. Having a kitchen and a dining area really elevates our dining experience into a hygge memory for our kids, as we all participate in setting the table and then we enjoy our dinner in a lovely space.
Our kids always bring along a little backpack with toys each, which however they get bored with on the second day. However, when they find toys in our hotel, they play  A LOT with them and this is when all of us have a great time!
At the same time, Gileri is beautiful inside and out. It’s situated in a traditional stone-built home of the 1920s, blending beautifully with the local architecture. But on the outside, it’s a minimal home with modern amenities and decor. And this is a combination I haven’t come across much. I admit I loved the architecture and style of Gileri, so much so that we spent our Saturday night in to enjoy it!

We had a great time in Lagkadia and our stay in Gileri was so comfortable that we came back home feeling relaxed and energised!


I hope this article will help you plan your next adventure in Greece with kids!






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