At family friendly Colors Urban Hotel, Thessaloniki

We went to Thessaloniki on New Year’s day on our first trip for 2022. It was also the twin’s first time in Makedonia, which is where I come from, so it was pretty important for me. We stayed at one of the most  budget friendly hotels we’ve ever been at, family friendly right on Tsimiski avenue. Was it a good choice? It was a great one!



Colors Urban Hotel in Thessaloniki

Right in the center of everything lies this beautiful neoclassical building turned into a cool and colorful urban hotel. Its stylish and playful decor is what makes it stand out. But it’s its 4 star amenities that made us love it. There’s a restaurant which serves amazing breakfast, one of the best brunches in a city that loves brunches, great dinner options and classy cocktails. It’s also dog friendly, which means you can now travel to the second largest city of Greece with the whole family. It’s also eco-friendly, trying to have lower carbon dioxide emissions, something difficult for a big hotel, but so important for our kids’ future.
But what we enjoyed most is its location!



Where is Colors Urban Hotel located?

At Tsimiski avenue, 80 meters from the sea and the Pier, 100 meters from Aristotelous Square, next door to all fashion stores, steps away from Gounari square and its pizza joints, 2 minutes from Ladadika food district and 5 minutes away from Mela str. and its amazing restaurants. You won’t have to drive or take the bus – ok, just for the 7 Towers and the Upper Town.
Not even for sightseeing, as Rotonda is less than 10 minutes away, so is the White Tower and the Arc. Modiano Market is even closer, but the Umbrellas installation is around 20 minutes walk away.



Colors Urban Hotel is  family friendly because…

1. We saw plenty of families at breakfast, which made us realize we’re not the only ones who liked it.

1. The location. Did I mention it’s also steps away from a soft play area and like 5 minutes away from a playground?

2. There’s a restaurant, open all day long, which means you can enjoy your meals here if you’re too tired to go out.

3. There are colors and color books at the restaurant, for the kids to have a great time too.

4. There are travel cots and high chairs.

5. The rooms are playful, with smart bunk beds, swings, hammocks, colorful decor.

6. The suites are spacious, with a separate bedroom, verandas and great views.

7. There’s a spa room on the 1st floor, offering kids massage and chocolate therapy for little ones!

8. The restaurant’s outside are is on the ground floor and on a car free street.





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