Anemolia Mountain Resort with Kids

Anemolia Mountain Resort is a cozy resort up in Arachova near Parnassos ski center, ideal for families.


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Just 15 walk from Arachova, Anemolia also offers a shuttle service to town at 21:00 and from town at 2. It is just 10 minutes drive Delphi archelogical zone, very close to Parnassos ski center and on the way to Galaxidi fish town, so it’s your ideal spot for day trips. 

The Views…

A special mention is necessary, as Anemolia is perched on a hill offering panoramic views to the stunning surrounding mountains and all the way to Itea and the sea. Sunset is the ideal hour here, as the sun dives all red and graceful between the mountains.


Heated Swimming Pool

There is an indoors, heated swimming pool with a great mountain view, that visitors seem to adore 😉

The Food

Dinner is served some nights at 20:00. And a full breakfast is also served every morning, 7:30-10:30. Now it’s the time to enjoy fresh fruits, your kind of eggs, bread, cookies, coffee, pastry, jams and everything you might need for the perfect super-yogurt (cereal, dried fruits and nuts, honey etc.).


The Cafe

It is the coziest part of the hotel if you ask me. I loved the decor, combining local charm with a minimal concept. There is also a fireplace and a bar, as well as an outside space for smokers. Coffee is served here, as well as tea in great variety, some desserts and snacks also. 

The Rooms

We stayed on the third floor in double adjacent suites with sunset/mountain views. The decor is cozy, with wooden ceiling and traditional boxes, comfortable sofas and huge arm chairs. Every suite is equipped with its own bathroom, with a bathtub, a shower and double sinks. We loved the pillows and mattresses, something to look forward to if you are a sleep deprived parent like us. 

Baby/Family Friendly

During our 3 days stay at Domotel Anemolia, there were at least 10 more families here, 4 of them with babies – which means that you’ll find other parents to hang out with. There are 2 baby seats in the dining area that we used at the cafe too. Travel cots were also available on call. There is also a playroom equipped with toys for every age. The ping pong table could be moved elsewhere in my opinion, as its corners are dangerous for short walkers…


We really enjoyed our care-free stay in Anemolia Arachova. It was quite and private, despite it being crowded. 


* This article is sponsored and written following our hosted stay there. The views are of course my own.
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