Agrοtourism With Kids

Our first agrotouristic experience was before we became parents, in Italy. At the time, I didn’t know of any agrotourism hotels in Greece, but I thought that this amazing trend would stick and that it would fit perfectly in the greek tourist sector.
When we started traveling with our twins, choosing an accommodation “close to nature” was a priority. We’re always looking for ground floor houses in an estate, preferably a farm, where kids would play outside, feed animals, learn about nature, hike. This is how we discovered some amazing family friendly hotels in Greece, in farms, with toys, farm to table gastronomy, animals, green open spaces, some even agrotouristic!


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In Eumelia Organic Agrotourism Farm, Laconia

Location: Laconia, in southern Peloponnese. Eumelia is an elegant agrotourism farm, like no other in the country. There are 5 eco-houses, 60 square meters each, all with direct access to the garden, the vast olive grove, the farm and the main building. Guests are all invited to visit the farm, learn about sustainable farming and separate their waste. It’s half board and all meals are vegetarian, cooked on the spot by 100% organic products, some from the farm itself, some from nearby producers. Eumelia is almost exclusively energy sufficient. At dinner, guests learn about extra virgin olive oil from Marilena the owner’s wife who is a certified oil sommelier. Kids here see first hand where the vegetables they eat come from, learn about the ancient olive trees, meet farm animals. They learn to shovel and start playing in nature the moment they get out of the car.





In Ninemia Stay & Play, Karpenissi

Ninemia Stay & Play is undeniably the ultimate family friendly guesthouse in Greece. A playground, kids corners, a whole theme park, sipline, a tree house and so much more can be found here. There’s also a farm and kids go on a train ride around the estate every day to feed the goats and horses. In the smaller farms, kids can meet rabbits, peacocks, lamps and poultry, even ducks in a small pond. The friendly ponies are happy to give kids a ride within the safety of the farm.





In Chamaloni Guesthouses, Messinia

Chamaloni Guesthouses has so much for families, from yoga/pilates/tai-chi sessions for parents, to playground, kids bikes, karts, toys, beach toys and kids books. It also features a large garden for free play, farm animals, an olive grove and their special “super market”, where they grow their fruits and vegetables. Residents can take cooking classes, enjoy farm to table vegan meals all day long and live close to nature.















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