A 3 weeks autumn-winter family itinerary in Greece

If you’re planning to travel around Greece this Fall or Winter, kudos to you! You’ve picked the best time to exlplore breathtaking mountains, quaint stone-villages, visit ancient monuments, discover byzantine chapels and drive around some stunning countryside roads. This article will guide you around the country and help you pick the right accommodation for you and your family.



First stop: Athens for 2 nights

You’ll probably land in Athens and you could stay here for a couple of nights, preferrably at the city centre, so as to be within walking distance or a bus stop away from all important sites. It’s the city we raise our kids, so we have a lot to recommend about visiting Athens with kids – especially this family friendly hotel downtown!

Now it’s time to rent yourself a car and head to…




Second Stop: Karpenissi for 3 nights

This is the best part of Greece you’ve never heard of. Karpenissi is a town around 3 hours away from Athens. We recommend the area for its abundance of parks and recreational spaces for families, for its lush trails ideal for easy hikes with little ones and for the most family friendly hotel in Greece, where you’ll enjoy nature, safe play and life in a farm.

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Third stop: Zagorochoria for 3 nights

From Karpenissi, the picturesque villages of Zagori mountain are 4 hours north. It’s the ideal place to see Fall Foliage, get snowed on and enjoy some of the best food of your life in cozy taverns. We recommend you stay at Aristi villages and Aristi Mountain Resort, to be close to most villages.

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Fourth stop: Arcadia for 3 nights

The villages in the mountains of Arcadia might be plenty, but you could easily see the best of them, as well as the Water Museum, the Duck Farm and the srpings of Lousios river within 3 nights, as long as you stay in the right place.



Fifth stop: Laconia for 7 nights

Time to head to the Southern Peloponesse, where it’s never really Winter and where the cuisine is like no other.

Your first stop in the area should be Taygetos mountain for 2 nights, to enjoy hiking, picnic in nature and relaxation. Ilaeira Mountain Resort is the perfect place for this, as it features a playground, restaurants, lovely breakfast, library and it there are board games and bicycles for great family time inside and outdoors.


Time to head to Mani for another 3 nights and explore old stone villages with proud towers and great views. To really immerse yourself in the whole Mani experience, we recommend you stay in a restored Maniot tower and learn about the history of the area from its lovely owners. Arapakis Historic Castle and Hotel Pandora also feature a playground and yards to play at outside, as well as lovely farm to table breakfast and kids books inside.

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Sixth stop: Messinia for 3 nights

Messinia is up next and close by and the farm stay we recommend is at the perfect spot to explore everything the area has to offer, enjoy some wholesome farm to table meals while the kids play in the safe estate with animals and a playground – plus it’s right next to Kalamata International Airport!

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I hope this article helps you plan your next winter trip to Greece with kids!




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